One Week Friends Episode 3


Kaori and Yuki grow closer together, but their fellow classmates still don’t understand her. Hoping to change that, Yuki brings his friend Shogo along to learn about her true self.

One Week Friends continues to take an enjoyably slow pace as we start to flesh out the supporting cast a bit more. Shogo quickly found favor with many of the Glorio Blogsters. His no-nonsense attitude is a great foil to Yuki’s naive romantic personality. He’s very grounded, and his honesty makes him pretty easy to like, even if it’s usually at Yuki’s expense. We see that honesty in quite an understandable place: He’s not even convinced that Kaori even has memory problems to begin with. Since this was an anime, we all took the strange type of amnesia for granted, but it seems like even for characters within the universe it is a bit farfetched. His implications cut to the root of the problem: If she really is having such blanks in her memory, it would most likely be from trauma than anything else.


Kaori still has many problems due to the way she’s pushed others away. It’s hard not to see someone who distances herself from others as pretentious, and Kaori, trusting only Yuki, does little to stop this. Yuki himself is a bit of a pushover, so it made a lot of sense for Shogo to be the one to push on her to be more involved. It seems like she may have been hurt in the past. The fact that she waited so long just to get her notebook just to avoid others goes beyond normal. Hopefully the confidence Shogo gave her will carry on in the future.


I do hope we see more development in the core relationship next week. The homemade lunch scene was sufficiently adorable, but once again Yuki wussed out before trying to establish any deeper connection with her. I can’t imagine this staying purely a friendship story for the entire run. I suppose most anime romances do take their sweet time, but it would be nice to see them communicate their feelings more freely. That said, I suppose it will always be a bit hard to see Kaori reciprocating romantic feelings when she only remembers him for a week. I suppose it is possible that she may start romanticizing Yuki the more she reads about him in her journal. It seems strange that she had forgotten making eggs only to remember them, as Yuki wasn’t there. Still, it’s a step in the right direction, and hopefully one that will lead to them becoming closer.

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