All Your Monies: September 29th 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Marlin) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week it’s slim pickings again, but we’ve got fighty boys, cute girls and really not very cute girls at all. Also, Madoka movie spoilers!

Eren Jaeger (Attack On Titan)
Good Smile Company, April 2015, ¥12,778


Zigg: We’ve seen so so many Attack On Titan figures at this point that I’m beginning to grow weary of them, but this is just too good not to include. You’ve got that incredible dynamic pose, the killer base and the all around excellent detail of the thing. Mainline GSC figures seem to be slowly morphing into old-school Alter, where they made only the very best of the best and charged a gazillion bucks for everything. Naturally, this is pretty expensive, but it’s a case where the cost looks to be totally justified, so it’d be churlish to complain.

Jel: I want to say I’m getting tired of all these Titan figures but it seems like each one is better than the next. That has to be one of the greatest figure poses of all time. Combined with Eren’s facial expression it gives off an incredible amount of intense energy, as if he really was leaping off a rooftop to unleash his pent up rage on a giant monster. The intricate details on his gear are at least as good as any of the other top notch figures we’ve seen, although the ultra shiny boots seem just a bit out of place. That’s really the only slight criticism I can muster though, as Titan fans have another great figure to choose from.

Aqua: I’d say this is the best Eren we’ve seen so far, but in all honesty we’ve seen so many great Eren figures at this point I have lost track completely. Considered on its own, however, I especially like the base of this figure, a neatly detailed pillar that nicely fits into the Attack on Titan universe and isn’t awkwardly positioned like bases the figure is supposed to be jumping off of usually are. Eren himself has a great pose — though from certain angles he looks like he’s about to slice his own throat in the most convoluted way possible. I like to think that there are so many Attack on Titan figures not only because the show is so popular, but also because the show’s signature uniform must be such a challenge to sculpt realistically. Good Smile have long proven their expertise at texturing, though, so leather looks like leather, fabric looks like fabric, and the metal on Eren’s swords looks almost lifelike. Recommended.

Euri: Looks like they’ve captured one of Eren’s finer moments, though I suppose seeing him cry into a bowl of Cheerios probably isn’t that appealing a figure. What is there to say about these things, other than I wish they’d take this much care on other figures from shows I like. I want something like this but with Mesousa from Pani Poni Dash or something.

Timmy: I am definitely getting a little tired of seeing all these Attack on Titan figures, especially when Kotobukiya has done them all already. GSC has done a really good job on this Eren though so I can give them a pass. Lots and lots and lots of great and well crafted details and one very intense facicial expression make this one pretty hard to pass up for fans of the show and especially Eren fans.

Annabelle (Original)
Kotobukiya, February 2015, ¥11,000


Zigg: Tony Taka can only really draw one face and while it is a very pretty face it’s also one I’m sort of sick of seeing. This is a great looking figure, and Kotobukiya’s involvement ensures it’ll be well put together, but the extremely pink colour palette and the general porn-iness of the whole thing don’t exactly make me want to run out and buy it. Plus this is very similar to the earlier Peace Keeper Daisy figure, which in my mind looked better on all counts.

Jel: Annabelle’s design is basically a palette swap of one of Timmy’s favorite figures and while I kind of liked the dark hair and soft blues of Daisy, this looks like the anthropomorphization of a Lisa Frank sticker pack. I guess they might look good as a pair but I’m not finding Annabelle very appealing on her own.

Aqua: Clothes that look like lingerie! Pastel colour palette! Sweet, demure maidens who all have the same face! Long time no see there, Tony. Running out of inspiration too, I see. Say, Tony, did you know that women usually don’t go out in their nighties? No? Especially not when they have a cameltoe like this? Jeez, Tony, it’s almost as if you’ve never spoken to a real woman before in your entire life! Say, have you considered a career as a professional colourist? (Supposedly Tony draws a lot of inspiration for his art from the girls he has dated. I would be really curious to see who was the inspiration for these fairy girls.-Timmy)

Euri: Maybe I’m doing well to not know who Tony is, but regardless, I think this figure is rather nice. Loving the colour scheme, and at the very least she’s not wearing a school uniform, a swimsuit or a kimono. She’s also not been placed in a suggestive position which is nice, though it seems like a bit of a moot point when she’s wearing sexy lingerie. Sure, it’s not something to show your grandparents, but as far as figures of ladies in sexy clothes go, you could do a lot worse. I can’t help but think a cute outfit would be more appealing, though.

Timmy: Its no secret that I adore my Daisy so Annabelle was a very easy preorder for me. Annabelle’s curtsey pose Tony went with is quite a bit more reserved when compared to her sister and it bodes well for displaying them together as they won’t appear to be competing for attention. Her color pallet works well enough with the blond hair and the pinks and purples and I especially love the splash of green around her neck, as it makes that necklace really stand out. In the end though its another Tony fairy girl, If you didn’t like the first one you aren’t going to like this one, though if you do like this one you should know she is selling out really fast.

figma Sinon (Sword Art Online II)
Max Factory, February 2015, ¥5,370


Zigg: When she’s not trying to expose the maximum amount of buttock possible to us, Sinon actually looks pretty good, although I’ll never get what the point of pairing shorts with garters like that (yes fanservice I know). As ever I think her colour scheme is a nice unique one, the scarf is cool and the rifle is awesome. Still, she’s pretty accessory light and figma prices keep creeping up and up.

Jel: Much like Asuna, I like Sinon’s design outside the context of the show. They also both make nice action figures, with Sinon’s giant sniper rifle and side arm providing plenty of cool pose opportunities. Her outfit hides the figma joints well, although it does leave us with some awkward figma butt. Overall it’s a cool figma, now if only it was from better source material…

Aqua: Why buy a figure posed for maximum butt appreciation when you can pose it yourself? Anyways, as usual, Sinon looks pretty baller when you disregard the actual show she’s from, though I’m not sure if I’m a big fan of the slightly nauseating green and the random holes everywhere. For such a legendary gun, her rifle continues to look annoyingly generic, too, but otherwise, this is a pretty solid figma overall. The poseable scarf and removable jacket especially make for some nice accessories, and Sinon’s sleeves nicely cover up some of the more glaring joints. Oddly enough, this might actually be the best Sinon figure we’ve seen thus far.

Euri: My head cannot/does not want to fathom the practicality of assless chaps.

Timmy: A pretty awesome figma by most standards, and the poseably of Sinon and the weapons she comes with are both pretty great. Some nice face plates too, though is it me or are her hair and eyes getting greener as time goes by. The nendoroid in comparison is pretty blue, as is Kotobukiya’s figure of her. It’s like they realized having two blue haired characters with Sinon and ALO Asuna suddenly might not be the best idea. That or Sinon has found out that Kirito has a girlfriend and has turned green with envy.

Nendoroid Devil Homura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
Good Smile Company, January 2015, ¥4,167


Zigg: Super elaborate designs simply don’t work very well in Nendoroid form, and the fact that there’s both a stunning scale and a decent figma of this design already in existence renders this a little pointless. Bonus points for replicating the complexity in such a small scale, and the crossed legs piece is cool, but it’s just something I’m not very into, especially since it’s from a Madoka movie.

Jel: Homura looks pretty cool here I guess, but it’s just another reminder of the hyper-commercialization of what was once the most universally respected anime of the past 5 years. The nendo itself just rides the core design for cool factor as there isn’t much to see beyond that. I guess the crossed legged pose seen here is a nice touch and the wings look really impressive, but I still have a hard time looking at this and not feeling jaded.

Aqua: I will refuse to acknowledge this character’s legitimacy until my very last breath, but even disregarding that, this nendoroid just looks terrible. The faces look pudgy and uncanny, and for some reason the design makes the off-kilter proportions of nendoroids looks extremely unappealing on Homura here. It’s a bit of a bummer, given how beautiful all the other Madoka Magica nendos have been, but then again why would you even want anything based on Rebellion?

Euri: These are movie three spoilers, aren’t they? The wings look nice, and I do enjoy an elaborate Nendoroid every now and again. I bet this thing is also way easier to set up than that piece of shit Ouka-chan Nendoroid I bought several years back. Anyway, I think I’ll stick with regular Homura, but I bet those wings would be fun to put on other figures…

Timmy: Admittedly a pretty nice and unique nendoroid, and no doubt a must buy for anyone with her counterpart. The wings are especially cool but there is a fair bit of other neat stuff here as well, and I appreciate GSC keeping this a standard release and keeping the price reasonable.

Kokonoe (BlazBlue: Bizarre Subtitle)
FREEing, March 2015, ¥10,000


Zigg: This is a great piece of posing and as always I’m a sucker for a nice thrown out cape (or coat in this case). Kokonoe’s design is certainly not to everyone’s taste, but it’s also a pretty distinctive look and one that’s well replicated here. I like the simple but strong contrast of colours and there’s some good work on those massive sleeves. Recommended.

Jel: FREEing has been doing a pretty solid job with their Blazblue line and Kokonoe seems to continue the trend. Her pose and smug expression appropriately suggest a “mad scientist” moment of discovery, and the sculpt of her bizarre lab coat and other accessories looks good all around. It would have been cool to see her with her giant King Dedede style jet hammer, but this works too.

Aqua: Kokonoe has never been my favourite BlazBlue design (that visible thong, that over-designed haircut, that really awkwardly placed bell-and-leash on her crotch, …) but as far as figures go, I’ve seen worse. The cocky pose nicely plays with the contrast between Kokonoe’s actual arms and her bizarro paw sleeves, and her facial expression looks ready for some highly dangerous SCIENCE. The generically matte finish looks a bit cookie-cutter compared to GSC or Alter’s work, but Kokonoe fans could have asked for a lot worse.

Euri: A gorgeous figure, though perhaps a bit pricey for my liking. Awesome pose, great colours and not so gross that you need to hide it under the mattress. On a side note, are thongs currently in fashion or something? I’m sure Kokonoe and Shimakaze are not the only popular characters that seem to be sporting one.

Timmy: I don’t really know who this is but she has all sorts of crazy stuff going on which I am kind of digging. The hair and ears look great and those crazy paw-like things are also a highlight. Nice face and pose that overflows with attitude and the lolipop is a great touch. This is one I’ll keep my eye on.

Figuarts ZERO Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)
Bandai, March 2015, ¥10,500 (Exclusive)




Jel: Sailor Jupiter is doing nothing to change my mind on this line: they look OK for prize figures but leave a lot to be desired for full price exclusives. Just look at that face and that silly little lightning bolt in her hand and tell me that’s worth 100+ US dollars, because I sure don’t think it is. I’ll give them some bonus points for the lightning bolt base at least.

Aqua: 10,500 yen for a figure without a neck and with an undersized head that looks like a parody of ‘kawaii uguu’ anime? I like Makoto, but no thank you.

Euri: I’d be hard pushed to get excited for this if it came in a cereal box. 10,500 yen is insane. I like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers base, though.

Timmy: As with the rest of the Figurarts Sailor Moon line she is OK but terribly, terribly overpriced. That base is neat though.

3 thoughts on “All Your Monies: September 29th 2014

  1. I still can’t believe how much they fudged the Sailor Moon Figuarts ZERO line. I wish Bandai wasn’t holding on so tightly to those rights, cause I’d love to see some scale figures by Alter or Kotobukiya and Nendoroids rather than these, or some less than impressive Chibi Arts (which they may have given up on??).

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