All Your Monies: November 3rd 2014


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aquagaze) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week Jel and Chris hold down the fort with a surprisingly high dudes to cute girls ratio, plus Jel is totally not trying to goad on Nisekoi fans.

Satsuki Kiryuin: Senketsu Version (Kill la Kill)
Good Smile Company, June 2015, ¥10,000


Jel: I really want to love this as I’ve been clamoring for a figure of Senketsu Satsuki, but I just can’t get over the weird art style. I’m actually surprised GSC released it under their own name as it’s clearly a garage kit they picked up and not sculpted by their in house team. In a vacuum it’s not a bad figure, I particularly love the detail on her boots and the bold red glove. But I personally prefer my anime figures to look as close to the character as possible, and making Satsuki look kind of like a porcelain doll is so far out of her character I just can’t get into it.

Euri: I don’t mind the strange art style too much, and in fact I give them props for trying something different. I like that the base isn’t boring and that the direction of the wind is constant, which seems odd to say but there are far too many figures that make it look like wind is being blasted at them from all directions. The one thing I don’t really like is how glossy the hair looks. Changing up hair tone is cool and all, but if it looks like she hasn’t showered in a week it’s not really going to do it for me. It might look better in person and without the lighting set-up from this particular photo, though.

Ren: ‘Together Forever” Version (DRAMAtical Murder)
Max Factory, May 2015, ¥10,000


Jel: Max Factory’s Aoba was deservedly a big hit for them and this is a really nice follow up. It’s certainly more subdued – or at least as subdued as a cast off figure can be – and I kind of wish there was an extra splash of color to break up the blue a little. Still, there’s a lot very visually interesting things going on, particularly the giant monster hand coming out of the base. Add in the motion of the cape bringing the figure to life and Max Factory’s usual top notch sculpting and it looks like they have another winner.

Euri: Very cool figure. It’s another one I’m completely unfamiliar with, but I like that there’s a lot going on, and I bet there are multiple angles in which you could display this. Sticking to similar tones seems to be working quite well, and I’ll take blue over browns and greys any day. I’d have to see some of the anime to splash that much money on it, though.

ARTFX J Sebastian Michaels (Black Butler: Book of Circus)
Kotobukiya, April 2015, ¥11,000


Jel: When we covered Ciel two weeks ago I mentioned we’ll have to wait and see Sebastian. Well, here he is and like Ciel he seems to be missing something. That something, of course, is Ciel as they are meant to be paired together, but that makes Sebastian’s off-center positioning look pretty lonely standing by himself. That said, the elaborate set of picture frames and white roses certainly grab your attention, and while Sebastian himself is pretty much a very attractive man in a normal butler outfit I’m sure that is more than enough appeal for fans out there.

Euri: Figures that can be paired together are cool. Figures that look silly without the other, like this one, are not. I like that there’s a bigger focus on the chess motif, and the frames at the back are quite neat, but why on Earth is this figure so expensive? That’s a lot of money to complete the set, and that awful looking horse on Ciel’s model has to be up front. If it were half the price for both I could see that being somewhat reasonable, but they’re having a laugh asking for five digit sums for each figure.

figma Solid Snake: MGS2 Version (Metal Gear Solid)
Max Factory, April 2015, ¥7,222


Jel: This is a perfect figma rendition of Snake with some great, if obvious, accessories. My question is: why is it so expensive??? Is it really worth paying 50% more just for that cardboard box? That’s really my only complaint but I have to wonder if there’s some price gouging going on since this is such a popular, mainstream character.

Euri: Having a Snake-in-the-box figma is really cool, but I can’t help but think that the extra costs comes because of the expected popularity of it. I’m not talking Metal Gear fans, either. I’m talking about a fever similar to that of the Woody Revoltech. I bet there are people waiting to buy this because of the funny photos they can make with other figures, and unless there’s more to the additional cost than that cardboard box, I’m going to go ahead and say that’s the reason for the price hike.

Nendoroid Onodera Kosaki / Tsugumi Seishiro (Nisekoi)
Good Smile Company, February 2015 (Onodera) April 2015 (Tsugumi), ¥3,704 each


Jel: Onodera is super boring, no surprises there. I want to talk about Tsugumi, who has the honor of having moe-moe-kyun heart hands AND she’s packin’ heat. That’s some real value for your nendoroid dollar. Add in her much more interesting outfit and alternate body for the same low price and it’s pretty clear who wins “best girl” in this showdown.

Euri: I do love me some Onodera, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot going on with her Nendoroid. Tsugumi looks to be good fun, and prop guns are a welcome item for your Nendoroid collection if you don’t have one already. Not that you should be buying it for that reason alone. Maybe to get that giant ribbon? Ah whatever, I’ll probably get an Onodera sooner or later.

S.H. Figuarts Sakura Kinomoto (Card Captor Sakura)
Bandai, March 2015, ¥5,000


Jel: There’s no way around it, this just looks cheap and plasticky compared to the superior figma version. It’s rather unfortunate timing as that should be going up for preorder soon, making this completely irrelevant. If anything it could bill itself as a less expensive alternative but even that doesn’t seem to be the case with that price tag. Pass.

Euri: Very disappointing. I’d love to get some Cardcaptor Sakura into my collection, but I think my money will be better spent going to the figma.

6 thoughts on “All Your Monies: November 3rd 2014

  1. Hey guys, i’m looking around for figures i’m interested in at the moment, and was wondering if you would consider writing a piece on figures with the most interesting bases? I find that characters by themselves can be quite bland but the bases their placed on can make a massive difference (and this week’s figures show that pretty well).

  2. I posted this elsewhere here on the site, but realized that if I didn’t post it somewhere more recent, no one would ever see it. I should probably put on the next anime episode review instead of a page about plastic figures, where it’s even more off-topic: I know Reki Kawahara said at Sakuracon that 16.5 isn’t cannon, but I’d still like to comment tha tyou must not have read it much if you think only a prude would hate it. It depicts Kirito “somewhat violently” chewing Asuna & her reaction gives him a “chance to indulge in Asuna’s masochistic side”. & There’s a time or two where she says “Stop” when he’s going too hard & he hesitates to stop.

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