The GLORIO Chat Episode 2: Origin Stories


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Jel, Iro, and Marlin discuss the origins of their refined Anime palates, debate if watching anime is “cool”, and recommend shows for any brave soul attempting to get into anime in 2015.

Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by┬áBRADIO

Show Notes

02:39 What were the first shows you watched?
18:33 What about anime appealed to you?
23:47 Is anime “cool”?
31:08 What would you recommend to potential new fans now?
47:05 There’s always time to hate Sword Art Online
50:45 Parting thoughts

One thought on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 2: Origin Stories

  1. Surprised you guys didn’t at least mention Madoka. It’s definitely better if you know about the magical girl tropes and you need to get over the wide-face, but still. Seriously.

    It all comes down to whether you want to show people good shows that happen to be anime or what to show them what anime really /is/. If people can’t get over the ‘weird’ stuff, it’s probably just not for them. I don’t really know a single anime that is completely devoid of any kind of reference to Japanese culture or tropes, not even stuff made to be outrageously ‘Western’ like Black Lagoon, Space Dandy, or Panty and Stocking.

    I mean, even the gateway classics like Naruto have a lot of culture-specific tropes and there is no real way to ‘ease’ people into that — because the fansubs certainly aren’t going to. You just have to let it happen and look stuff up you don’t understand.

    Also, I totally agree with Marlin’s ending statement. Get a crew, because the suffering of watching anime is too much to bear alone.

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