All Your Monies: July 13 2015


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aqua) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’ve dug up a nice slew of expensive and exclusive figures all ready and willing to raid your wallet.

Tsumugi Kotobuki (K-On!)
Animaru!, March 2016, ¥8,800 (Exclusive)


Timmy: As the base clearly states K-On! is 5 years old, and that is as good as an excuse as any for figure companies to return to the trough and scrape out whatever is left. Not to say that is really a bad thing though as both this Mugi and the Azusa releasing this month turned out really good. I am not really sure why Mugi is sporting so much attitude but I really like it. Outfit and alternate parts both are great as well and despite that pesky exclusive status the price is still reasonable. Besides, those eyebrows alone are worth it.

Jel: Between this and Azusa I’m not sure what theme they’re going for with these 5th Anniversary figures, but it’s cool they’re making them go kind of out of character. Knowing Mugi though that would totally be a pose she would attempt and immediately laugh about after the picture was taken… OK I’m going to stop talking about Mugi like a real person and say this is a pretty cool figure and I kind of miss K-ON! more than I care to admit. The quality isn’t amazing, particularly the clumpy hair, but it’s a pretty solid sculpt with a unique design. Too bad it’s exclusive, but that seems to be happening a lot more these days.

Euri: It might have taken them five years to do it, but it looks like they’ve finally made Mugi interesting. Unfortunately her nailbrush eyebrows never quite did it for me, but seeing a little more bancho in her is certainly refreshing. Still not going to buy any more K-On! merchandise, but it’s nice for what it is.

Kaguya (Shining Hearts)
Alphamax, November, ¥12,800


Timmy: I recently picked up Max Factory’s Shining Wind set including the lovely Seena who I have adored and wanted for a long time, and I have to admit Kaguya is pressing all the same buttons and then some. The face has a nice warm smile that I really like, the pose is nice, and the swimsuit is one of the more interesting ones we have seen with all its details and the optional skirt. The shawl and additional pose is a nice touch as well, though the resulting price because of them is a little bit high for a swimsuit figure.

Jel: Hey it’s Reimu Hakurei all grown up and pursuing a career as a swimsuit model. The sheer material of the shawl is nice, otherwise it’s another Shining swimsuit figure. Yawn.

Euri: On one hand, this is a swimsuit figure. On the other, they’ve at least tried to make it a bit different. I can appreciate that there’s a market for these, but I always felt that seeing ‘Anime Girl #459’ in a bikini without an interesting pose was just a great example of how to milk a cash cow. Kaguya doesn’t look gross, there’s movement in her ribbons and shawl, and she doesn’t look dead in the face. Bonus points for the pinky finger, too. It’s a shame about the price, and that the sandy base she’s stood on looks more like a dirty sponge.

Shiki Ryougi (Garden of Sinners)
Aniplex, March 2016, ¥12,000 (Exclusive)


Timmy: Its about time we get a Shiki in her normal outfit, and Aniplex definitely delivered. Her outfit looks great, as is all the awesome dynamic stuff going on with it thanks to the pose. Her face and hair both look great as well, and the weapon along with it’s effect look nice as well. Shiki will be one that I’ll be counting down the days till  her release when she comes out next year.

Jel: That has got to be one of the coolest figures poses ever. With the amount of motion they get out of the angle, you can almost feel the force behind her knife. I always liked Shiki’s famous red jacket design as well, and it’s cool we’re finally getting a good figure of it. My only question is why is that jacket (and her boots for that matter) so shiny? It’s a little distracting and kind of dampens the impact of the special effects. Also, another exclusive, so have fun getting a hold of this.

Euri: What a fantastic pose! I love the way that her skirt and hair is swept to one side, and the way the tiny details on this figure really bring it to life. I mean, just look at those boots. You’ve got the laces moving in the right direction, and there’s even a bit of polish to make them stand out a little. My only worry about this one is that the base is final. Let’s not ruin this with a boring piece of black plastic.

Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works)
Aniplex, April, 2016, ¥12,000 (Exclusive)


Timmy: I am always happy to see more really nice scales of Rin because, well, there really aren’t very many. This one is a bit of an oddity though, and lets be honest here. This is hardly what I would call a cosplay. Still the details are nice and I especially like the blades, though I could easily wait and get them with Alter’s upcoming Archer. Ultimately I already have the best in GSC’s version, not to mention the lack of an angry chibi Archer is a missed opportunity, so I’ll probably be passing on this one.

Jel: From one really cool Type Moon figure to a really dumb one. If she’s supposed to be dressed like Archer, why is she half naked? This could have been awesome if she had his entire big red coat instead of just the tail end covering her, well, tail end. Even so this could have been passable if she was totally owning it and ready to kill whoever put her in this outfit, but instead they went with the embarrassed face to eliminate any doubt as to what this figure is all about. Lame.

Euri: I was going to ask if anyone actually wanted this to begin with, and then I remembered that I own those Nendoroids of Konata and Kagami cosplaying Saber and Rin. Still, there’s far too much flesh on this one to make me want to put it on display, not to mention it really doesn’t seem like something that gels with Rin’s character. I mean, the expression is great, but that’s not Rin. At the very least this needs a bit more tsundere.

Charles D’Artagnan (Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls)
Alter, January 2016, ¥12,960 (Exclusive)


Timmy: About. Damn. Time. Charles was announce 6 years ago. That is at least one year longer then I have been doing this whole buying figures thing. I think the wait will be worth it though as she is looking pretty great. Really liking both the extravagant outfit and dynamic pose, and there are so many stunning paint details going on with all the patterns that a lesser company would throw in the towel. However you can count Alter to be all over this one, and I have made sure to properly compensate them for the troubles.

Jel: Timmy and his Samurai Girls… well this one is actually kind of cool. I love the musketeer look and the giant sword and by Samurai Girls standards she has a reasonable amount of clothing. The gaudy purple and red are nice color choices and the pose is a little weird but much more interesting than if she was just standing there. Hopefully Alter can do something about that base but pretty cool overall.

Euri: Well, that’s certainly an interesting idea for a figure. Love the clothes, and the expression seems fine. You can tell this is an early mock-up, but I wonder just what the supports are going to be like for this figure. There’s no way they’ll have a single bar to support the whole thing when it actually releases, and I think how they make that work without ruining the look will play a big part in how well this sells.

Senhime (Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls)
Alter, October, ¥12,800


Timmy: Alter clearly isn’t done with this Samurai Girls line though (They also have another Matabei up for order) and while I had some reservations after seeing what is going on with Sen’s backside I picked up this one too. The scythe and cape both look really great and while it isn’t officially the case, Sen here seems like a mashup between Nishii’s Samurai Girls and 7 Deadly Sins designs.  I have plenty of figures of both already so this seems like a pretty natural purchase. Besides it’s like getting two for the price of one, right?

Jel: TIMMY AND HIS SAMURAI GIRLS… do I need to take AYM back over? That incredibly awesome death scythe thing and Alter’s amazing sculpting cannot make up for the fact that she’s basically naked with a cape and hat.

Euri: I kind of stared at this one for a bit and realised that I didn’t know where to look. I don’t think it’s because of all the skin on display, either, but more that there’s just so much going on. Like, it took me a good couple of seconds to figure out where her arms were. Too over-designed for my liking, but I appreciate the arrows she has on her boots that let her know where her feet are.

Shiro (No Game No Life)
Phat, January 2016, ¥15,800


Timmy: I already have Kotobukiya’s Shiro already, but Phat have done such a nice job that I am probably going to end up double dipping. Shiro herself looks great with all the wrinkles in her outfit and that beautiful hair of hers. I really like her face as well and that signature smirk she wears all the time in the show. The high price is a killer though, but with most of the cast showing up in chibi form it is somewhat understandable. Not to mention she comes with the whole world, and that shit is not cheap.

Jel: It’s kind of hard to interpret NGNL’s bizarre art style into reality, but I guess rainbow hair works. The figure itself looks pretty decent and I like the holding the world thing, but the real star here is that base. The chessboard and throne are perfect, and the collection of chibis makes this like 5 figures in one.

Euri: That hair is gorgeous and now I want this, damn it. The crazy hair, creases in clothes and Shiro’s facial expression are also doing a lot to help, but just look at that price point. I super don’t care about the miniatures, either, so I’d have preferred that they be sold separately in favour of a little discount on the main event. Ah, whatever. I’m probably not going to pick this up unless I see it kicking about a second hand shop in Japan. That hair though.

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