Ultraman X Episode 4



Ultraman is captured and taken to the moon, while we spend the rest of the episode arguing about the anatomy of a rubber suit.

Euri’s thoughts

Alien Zarab is an interesting monster. Not only has it watched enough Sentai to figure out how to switch between small and large sizes, but it also insists on calling itself an alien. The alien, Alien Zarab. Sure, why not.

I got a little bit excited when Ultraman went missing for most of the episode, because for a team that’s dedicated to fighting off monsters, we sure haven’t seen them fight off any monsters. As far as we know, if they didn’t happen to have Ultraman show up and ‘join’ their side, they may still be trying to figure out what to do about Demaaga. Hey, Birdon may even have become a parent. Now I’m sad again.

They do make short work of Alien Zarab, though only with the use of their Ultlaser technology, which also wouldn’t exist had Ultraman not showed up. I remain undecided whether they could actually repel an alien threat by themselves, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt in this instance thanks to the sweet jet flyby. These special effects are definitely making up for some of the earlier errors.

Oh, and Bemstar swallowed Ultraman through its anus. I have no better explanation for what happened in this episode, and thoroughly recommend that Bemstar sees a doctor about it. If it’s really that hot in there, you’re going to need some butt cream.

Random Observations

  • Still no Dinosaur Tank.


colons’ thoughts

There’s a very real chance that the reason I’m only noticing very small things this show is doing well is because I’m not paying enough attention, but it’s where I’m at. This episode had a few really nice dramatic action shots, some Akiba Red-calibre face contortions, and another truly adorable giant monster destroying buildings. The character development appears to be getting thinner every episode; last week we had intra-team beef that was resolved with a gift of shoes, this week we had some intra-team beef that was resolved seemingly by just making the characters involved forget it was ever there. I am confused.

Also, come on. It’s clearly not an anus. The suit only has one orifice besides the mouth, and it’s demonstrated during the show to have at least one function not typically associated with the anus, which I’m pretty sure makes it more of a cloaca.


Warning: Don’t argue about anuses and cloacas while eating.


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