Ultraman X Episode 5



Ultraman makes an Ultrafriend. Dr Guruman demonstrates Freudian dream analysis by thrusting a knife through two slices of bread.

Euri’s thoughts

Who would have thought that after discussing multi-dimensional theory, Ultraman X would gain the ability to travel between dimensions? Strange how that happens, but on the plus side, it was nice to see a trading card-based power-up provide more than just bigger arms and different coloured lasers. It’s also really cool to see Dr Guruman doing more than just eating food and developing deus ex machina, as we see when he discovers the true identity of Ultraman X. Granted, he didn’t do an amazing job of concealing the identity when he ushers everyone out of a room besides Daichi, before Ultraman X is magically capable of crossing dimensions, so perhaps it won’t be too long before the rest of the team figures it out. I’m still also not entirely sure why it’s still a secret, but never mind.

Alien Nackle Bandero, besides being a fantastic name for an alien, brought a little Super Sentai-ness to this episode by way of human on monster fighting. Sure, he turned giant eventually and helped out Black King (also a fantastic name) fight Ultraman X, but for a moment we were seeing two tiers of monster fights, and that was pretty darn cool. It’s nice to see the Xio regulars actually have something meaningful to do, rather than watch Ultraman pick another item out of his bag of tricks to dispatch the monster of the week.

We also get to see Ultraman X‘s first alt-Ultraman, with the appearance of Ultraman Zero. I’ve not seen enough of this franchise to know who he is, but he seems to be something of a recurring character in movies, as well as having his own starring role in a YouTube-only series. Sounds cool to me, and seeing him wield knives as a primary weapon seems quite ridiculous when most of these fights are finished via laser show. Hopefully we’ll see a few more show up over the course of the series, if not to just learn a bit more about the differences between the many Ultramen.

On the production front, this episode really excelled with its shot compositions, especially during the fights on the alternate dimension planet. The scene with Ultraman X flying over Dr Guruman’s head was really the only standout awful shot that I can recall, so props to the team for keeping up the high standard at episode five. Though I must say that replacing Black King’s horn with The Mole was a pretty hilarious, yet awful idea.

Random Observations

  • Still no Dinosaur Tank.


colons’ thoughts

This week, Ultraman X travelled to The Dimension Of Poorly Calibrated Cameras And Where Sol Is Three Stars For Some Reason, where he met Ultraman Zero. Ultraman X was still pretty psyched about his weird alien doctor friend taking the news that he’s actually a puny human so well, so he wasn’t able to properly take in Zero’s stories about his life in the zoo and on the farm and on the high seas. And killing people with books and time machines. Still, they got along well enough, hugged some of the rubber-suited natives, and then got in on a remarkably well-focussed selfie with a tiny ground-dwelling creature from another dimension. Also, the preview for episode 6 featured King Ghidorah and some kind of blinged-out minigun-weilding cannonball monster, so that’s exciting.



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