Ultraman X Episode 6 and 7


Ultraman X shocks us with a surprise two-parter, featuring humans shooting aliens, threats to life as we know it and deus ex machina up the wazoo.

Episode 6 – Euri’s thoughts

We discover that an alien from Planet Gold has actually been living illegally in Japan for over five years, hiding away inside an awful art installation. This particularly enrages a group of local youths who decide it’s a great idea to beat the living daylights out of him, which ultimately results in him being shot in the chest by a police officer. Even though this alien has had fantastic treatment from humans thus far, he still decides to use his powers to heal a schoolgirl, resulting in him being shot a few more times for good measure.

Now, perhaps we can chalk this one down to Japan’s obsession with monster movies causing them to believe that everything from space wants to trash Tokyo, or perhaps we can once again put it down to the incompetency of Xio. Yes, the first shot was fired by a regular police officer (who carry firearms now?), but given that they exist to deal with aliens, you’d have thought a simple “excuse me, are you here to destroy Tokyo?” would at least give everyone present enough information to not fill him with lead and lasers.


It turns out that Alien Gold tE-rU (brilliant naming as always, by the way) was attempting to lure out Gargorgon, a hydra-like monster and huge fan of Star Wars that loves to encase people in carbonite, just like Han Solo in Episode V. tE-rU is more of a Trekkie and isn’t particularly thrilled that his friends and family are being turned to stone, so he uses the power of Rudian, a ball-shaped Anubis robot with miniguns for hands, to fight back. At least, he would have done if he didn’t lose conciousness because of all the gunshot wounds.

Fortunately Ultraman X is only a terrible person when it comes to crushing the offspring of giant bird monsters, so they team up to fight Gargorgon who shows up at the end of the episode. In the episode teaser, we learn that Gargorgon must be defeated within 44 minutes. Remember that, because it’s very important.

Random Observations

  • Still no Dinosaur Tank.

Episode 7 – colons’ thoughts

In this episode, long-time friends and fellow monster fighters Daichi and tE-rU team up to fight King Ghidorah But With The Power To Turn Giants To Stone together. Ultraman unlocks the mirror shield half way through and, coincidentally, it turns the tide of the battle. Later, tE-rU touches fingers with the schoolgirl who has been stalking him for a while, tells her “I’ll be right here” and flies off into space forever. At one point, King Ghidora is in orbit and taps into Xio’s intercom like the Mysterons might in a Captain Scarlet introduction. At another, some Xio people drive their van up to the feet of a thirty-storey monster and climb out. There’s some excellent melodramatic cinematography, some involving a sunset. There’s also some slightly iffy CG. Pretty standard episode, really, given what we’ve had so far.

…wait. Wait, hang on. I swear I’m forgetting something, like… some… countdown or something?

Nah, must have been some other show.

Before it takes our jobs.

Before it takes our jobs.


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