All Your Monies: September 21st 2015


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Aqua) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week we’re gonna strap all these figures to balloons and take them back to Outer GLORIO.

Nendoroid Venom Snake (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)
Good Smile Company, April 2016, ¥5,093



Jel: It seems a little too soon to get another Snake nendo but gotta cash in on Phantom Pain while it’s still relevant I guess. I’m sure my colleagues will all say “FULTON FULTON FULTON” but I’m going to point out there’s something delightfully perverse about a nendoroid smoking a cigar. Well played.

Timmy: Didn’t we just get a Snake nendo? Got to strike while the iron is hot I suppose and that scarred face, eyepatch, and cigar are all pretty badass.

Isla (Plastic Memories)
FREEing, March 2016, ¥10,000


Zigg: Honestly I think I hate figures like this more than the straight up porno ones. At least they’re honest, while this weirdly shy and submissive pose and look is just flat out creepy. Add to that that Isla is an exceptionally bland design and that there’s nothing really to distinguish this figure in terms of detail or sculpt (though it’s not terrible) and that makes this an easy pass.

Jel: This show just aired last season, and just as predicted I COMPLETELY forgot it existed. Much like the series itself, this rendering of Isla is completely uninspired. The pose is boring, her expression is boring, and the sculpt and paint work are incredibly pedestrian. About the only visually interesting thing about her design is her prominent ID tag, and that’s not usually a good sign.

Timmy: I didn’t actually watch Plastic Memories so I don’t really have any context for this figure but that sad, almost regretful smile of hers really makes me wish I did. Consider me approvingly captivated by her expression and I find her hair to be nice as well. Unfortunately the rest of the figure doesn’t hold the same level of interest, but that seems to be because of the way the outfit is designed and not really something Freeing has much control over.

Mystere Warden Spinne (Rage of Bahamut)
Kotobukiya, February 2016, ¥12,000


Zigg: I really, really like this. The outfit is beautiful and rich in tonality in a way we very rarely see form anime figures, the base is cool and unusual and even the face is something a little bit unusual. Kotobukiya continue to go from strength to stregth with interesting sculpts and while it’s hard for me to fully appreciate this without context, in isolation it’s a very lovely figure.

Jel: While I’d prefer to see figures from the awesome anime, I kind of like this. The design and color scheme is lovely, and the elaborate base is a real stand out. About the only complaint is the fact that she has to tug on her skirt it’s so ridiculously short, but if you are familiar with the game art you know things could have been MUCH worse.

Timmy: I have been contemplating how deep I am going to be willing to go with collecting all these newly announced Rage of Bahamut figures. Kotobukiya has at the very least reassured me that if I do decide to dive in, the experience will be very much worth while. Spinne is very lovely, from her hair and ornate, colorful outfit to that fantastic base. I am definitely tempted to grab her so Olivia has that much more company.

Kana Tanigawa Swimsuit ver. (Waiting In The Summer)
Alter, January 2016, ¥10,800 


Zigg: I really liked Waiting In The Summer and Kanna was probably my favourite character, but this is absolutely not the sort of figure that Alter should be doing. We’ve spoken before about how in recent years they’ve made some pretty odd choices in terms of licences they pursue, and they’ve actually already made one other Kanna figure in the same weird, pin-up style that doesn’t suit her at all personality wise. This is technically beautiful, as all of their figures are, but it’s creepy even by bikini figure standards, what with the tiny shorts and slightly voyeuristic tone. I’d have been far more ocmfy with jsut a straight up swimsuit figure with a more energetic pose and a smile, but this jsut makes something that already didn’t need to exist a bit worse.

Jel: I find it strange that Alter has made two figures of a middle of the road character from a middle of the road anime, especially now that we are long past Waiting In Summer’s shelf life. Maybe someone over there just really wanted to sculpt Kanna in a swimsuit? If that’s the case, it certainly shows here as her relatively simple design is so lovingly rendered it’s almost creepy. It wouldn’t be as bad as a lot of other swimsuit figures if the emphasis wasn’t on her taking off her already barely there shorts, but she is so… once again, great technical skills on display but would not want on my shelf.

Timmy: Sometimes I wonder about Alter’s subject selection and how they occasionally seem to release what they want instead of what there seems to be a demand for. And while there is no way to actually confirm it, the idea of them doing things for fun instead of money certainly increases their already high appeal for me. As for the figure in question, Kana is presented in the usual amazing quality that I have long come to expect from Alter. She looks great, and while I feel her taking off her shorts does make the figure overly sexual, the resulting “hands on hips” pose from removing them does alleviate that. I really do like her but I am not a big enough fan of the show to get her.

Figuarts ZERO Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon Crystal)
Bandai, March 2016, ¥6,400 (Exclusive)


Zigg: I like the use of metallic blue for the hair and outfit, but the main problem with the Figuarts ZERO range has always been the quality to price ratio, and this does nothing to alleviate that. In fact, the exclusive status only makes that issue more glaring.

Jel: This looks like amiibo quality, or maybe worse, a Happy Meal toy. Why is it so hard to get decent Sailor Moon figures?

Timmy: I am not going to say this looks bad, in fact I think Mercury looks fine here and I quite like the hair. Problem is I own a Figuarts ZERO, and unless Bandai has made some major improvements in the quality department these things aren’t worth the exclusive prices needed to acquire them. (Spoilers, they haven’t.) If you really want her but can wait, pick up a preowned one a few months after release and save yourself a bit of hassle and cash.

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