Ultraman X Episode 10



Ultraman X finally realises he doesn’t need to kill every monster he meets, though we’re waiting on confirmation that he even wants to stop. There’s no rugby in this episode but there are, however, a lot of tentacles.

Euri’s thoughts

Well, we didn’t get an episode that topped last week’s surprise, but as far as Ultraman X goes, this was pretty decent. We’re given a serious episode once more, and as tired as I am of Xio’s ability to suck at their jobs, there was enough going on elsewhere to somewhat redeem it. It’s understandable that Xio hasn’t figured out a good way to collaborate with Ultraman X. He’s a giant alien, and so far has not approached Xio with his true identity. Dr Guruman has done a good job of not spilling the beans, but I still have to wonder why this needs to be kept a secret anyway. At this point, it’s just risking lives, human and alien.

But that’s another problem entirely, as Xio’s ineptitude in communicating with their own team members agitates our monster of the week, causing it to lash out and destroy a few buildings and objects. Daichi makes it very clear that he thinks the young girl can communicate with the monster, and Xio accepts that possibility and allows him to explore why Houlinga was chilling out by the village. However, they completely forgo asking for his input later on in the episode, and further agitate Houlinga.


Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that in this instance Xio was acting based on what they believed to be Houlinga’s best interests, but if you’ve got Daichi out in the field looking into this stuff, how about giving him a call before you shoot the monster full of drugs and attempt to lift it away from the village. This mistake was completely preventable, and for an organisation like Xio, it ought to be pretty unacceptable. Props to Daichi and Ultraman X for not laying into Houlinga and instead acting to prevent further harm to the villagers, even if it did involve more deus ex machina than usual.

While I have said that this was a better episode than usual, it’s utterly baffling that this show has given a little girl more character than anyone in Xio. We understand that her father is away, the reason she understands why Houlinga just wanted to be left alone, and that she was proactive enough to get Daichi to put a stop to what Xio were doing. This was also the case with the aliens in the previous episode, and it’s just completely crazy that we know nothing of Xio after ten episodes.

Daichi has a decent backstory to get into, and we know that he lost his father in some strange incident. The problem is that this hasn’t been explored beyond watching the same ten second clip of back story over and over. We don’t know how this led to him becoming a member of Xio, or what his goals at Xio are. I mean, is he trying to rescue his father? Does he believe he’s alive? Be more interesting than just a simple do-gooder, please!

Oh, and the mayor’s moustache was, uhh, something.

colons’ thoughts

Euri adequately sums up why this episode is bad, so I have no need to go into that. I’m just gonna mope over here for a bit instead.

This is the tenth episode of at least the 24th Ultraman series, and I am sad. I am sad that this is a story that has been told many times before, orders of magnitude better, and doubtless many times in other Ultraman shows. I am sad that the production values are so high and the aesthetic so bland. I am sad that this story could have been delivered so much better with just a little more thought. I am sad that there is somehow still a financial motive for these shows to exist in their current state, because it means that somehow people are convinced they should spend their money on merchandise. I am sad that, for a moment, last week’s episode had my hopes up.

I am sad that so many people are putting their lives and souls into making this valueless garbage.

These three screenshots tell a better episode than this episode does.

These three screenshots tell a better story than this episode does.

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