All Your Monies: June 1st 2016


Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew (and Iro) will run down the last week’s new pre-orders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard-earned cash on. This week we have the first fully nude figure in AYM history!

Momohime: Oironaoshi ver. (Muramasa: The Demon Blade)
Alter, December, ¥10,800


Zigg: I’m not a big fan of this repaint, which mostly looks like she’s been dipped in yellowing varnish, and the newly glossy kimono looks way cheaper than the original matte version. Still, Momohime is a figure legend for a reason and this remains an achingly gorgeous take on the character. Perhaps the best figure ever?

Jel: I honestly would not have known this is a repaint unless you told me. Still, Momohime is one of the best figures of all time for a reason, and it’s cool that people are getting another opportunity to pick her up.

Iro: I heard this was a repaint, but instead it just looks like someone put it under a really yellow light. Why not go for the actual alternate color she has in the actual game? How bizarre.

Timmy: Momohime is arguably among the best figures out there and its great to see Alter trying to put her in more hands. And with a 6 year old paint job on the original I can admire them for both having the desire to improve upon it but at the same time differentiate this version enough for the original to not become outdated overnight. It is an interesting approach, though part of me would have liked to see something a bit more different, especially considering there is an orange version of her outfit in the second ending they could have taken inspiration from. Momohime is a bit special for me though, being my first figure purchase, so I decided that was enough justification to double dip on this alternate version.

Aqua: Sure, Alter, call this a ‘repaint’ all you want, this is just the exact same figure to me. Luckily, Monohime is also one of the greatest figures ever crafted, so if not picking her up is your greatest regret in life, Alter has heard your pleas.

Nendoroid Kogane Asabuki + Migite-chan (Bubuki Buranki)
Good Smile Company, November, ¥5,093


Zigg: Kogane is definitely the standout character (and character design) from BBK/BRNK so I’m thrilled she got the Nendoroid treatment first. Migi-chan is great but the real star is the psycho face, perhaps the most perfect inclusion with a Nendoroid in years.

Jel: I’ll leave the real opinions to my colleagues who know and love the show, but with no context this is a nice looking nendoroid. I like the color palette and character design and I do want to know what that horrible hand monster is. Maybe I need to watch this.

Iro: BBK/BRNK is the secret best show this year so far, and Kogane’s a Glorio favorite. Besides that, the only thing you need to know is that this figure also comes with her incredible angry face. If I collected figures, I’d probably pick this up day one.

Timmy: Kogane definitely has all the right stuff going on, from the great alternate expressions to her hand puppet friend. And it is great to see her able to shrink down into chibi from successfully. She is a cutie and I am no doubt considering grabbing her, despite my interest towards nendoroids in general cooling off a bit at this point.

Aqua: The very best BBK/BRNK character, plus her adorable hand friend, plus and angry face for pounding third-rate Speedwagon cosplayers with said adorable hand friend? This is a must-buy for Nendoroid fans. Too bad that no one you know, watched BBK/BRNK. What else is there to say?

Miho Nishizumi: School Uniform & Ankou Suit Ver. (Girls und Panzer)
FREEing, October, ¥21,112


Zigg: I appreciate the idea but really fabric is never going to look that good on a static PVC figure and the net result jsut looks a little cheap rather than actually being an alternate display option. That just leaves you with a run of the mill swimsuit figure. plus, holy crap, who has the space adn money for 1/4 scale figures?

Jel: I kind of get what they are going for here, giving you a couple different variations in one package. But yeahhhh the real cloth thing looks weird at best and at worst dips into creepy doll territory. Speaking of creepy, that swimsuit she has as her base clothing is a bit tasteless, I’d almost have preferred they just gave her regular underwear. Let’s just move on.

Iro: This seems incredibly dull other than that the clothes are apparently removable, moving it away from boring and more towards unbearably skeevy.

Timmy: I get what Freeing is doing here, and I can appreciate options, that school uniform just looks bulky to me. The Anglerfish feels adequate and appropriately weird, the swimsuit is passable, if boring, but the uniform just looks bad to me. Two out of three I guess but if you are going to shell out that much (Times 5 as the rest of the gang shows up) they need to damn well be impressive and I am just not feeling it.

Aqua: A benefit of these real clothes figures is that they can wear alternate outfits, giving ridiculous getups like the anglerfish costume, that would otherwise never be made into a figure, the light of day. This little plus doesn’t change the fact that this thing is essentially a ridiculously expensive Barbie doll for men. And worst of all, Barbie usually wears more interesting clothing.

figma Caster (Fate/Extra)
Max Factory, October, ¥6,297


Zigg: I’m really impressed they managed to make joints out of those hilariously puffy sleeves, and I’ve always sort of liked the F/E caster design, so this one is OK in my books. Having said that, that price is insane for something this run-of-the-mill.

Jel: I wasn’t sure if sculpting Caster’s ridiculous body proportions in figma form was possible but it seems like they pulled it off. They got that and her elaborate outfit down quite well. I love the color choices, particularly her pink hair, but wow that price tag. The cost plus the distinct lack of accessories make this a tough sell.

Iro: Yep, that sure is Fate/Extra Caster as a figma. Her base design is probably one of the better (albeit boring) ones to come out of that game, and the joints here seem a little too obvious. It looks like she comes with a paper talisman and her mirror weapon thingie, so… yep, perfectly adequate.

Timmy: Probably what a Caster figma should be and I can appreciate that they were able to make a complicated outfit this poseable. I though Caster had slightly more vibrancy in her colors, but maybe that is just my imagination. She is a bit on the pricey side though.

Aqua: The over-designed aesthetic of Fate/Extra, paired with the sub-par craftsmanship of a figma results in this bizarre amalgamation of extremities and protrusions that ultimately suffers from the fact that its clothes cannot realistically move along with its limbs. Add to that those two tumors on her chest that somehow look even more ridiculous in three dimensions than in two, and you’ve got yourself a figure you can easily skip on.

figma Vitruvian Man (The Italian Renaissance)
FREEing, December, ¥6,000


Zigg: I am really, really looking forward to the infinite ways this figure can be dumbly integrated into posed photos.

Jel: This line was already hilarious and weird, glad to see they are 100% committed to keeping it that way.

Iro: The figma to end all figmas, complete with dangling dong.

Timmy: Yep, I like how they didn’t even bother trying to make the joints look good. Other then that though it’s great to see this silly sub line keep plugging away.

Aqua: Vitruvian man, vitruvian man
Does whatever Vitruvius can
Where’re the joints
On his groin?
Buy now!
It’s the Vitruvian man!

4 thoughts on “All Your Monies: June 1st 2016

  1. lol vitruvian man is an insta-buy.
    I usually check only girl figures in amiami. Would’ve missed it without you guys.

    I’m really interested in the idea of 1/4 clothes figures. Too bad I hadn’t got the time to watch Girl und Panzer yet.

  2. I’ve been awfully tempted by the whole Table Museum series because it’s such a funny and unique concept , and they really hit it out of the park with the Vitruvian man, he looks awesome. I honestly wish I had the financial and spatial means to get him

  3. Aqua, for a second I thought you were quoting They Might Be Giants. I suppose Spiderman made a lot more sense in retrospect.

  4. That vitruvian man! PLeased they didnt chop/hide his piece. There is just so much someone could with that figma. It’s awesome.

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