Macross Delta Episode 26 & Final Thoughts


“Eternal Walküre”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Roid (Lloyd?) reveals his true plan, setting up the final confrontation on Ragna.

Jel’s thoughts

Despite copying the template of the stellar final episode of Frontier, in some cases shot for shot, this still managed to be entirely mediocre in every way. Or, maybe because it does attempt to recapture that magic it feels completely lazy and uninspired. I mean, even Roid (Lloyd?) is basically a gender swapped version of Frontier’s Grace. I can’t believe it took me so long to realize that.

What we’re left with is an empty attempt to stir up our emotions that just falls flat. It’s telling that a rousing moment like the characters singing the OP (see Kill la Kill as the best recent example) to turn the tide of the battle has almost no impact. There were some things I liked, like how Kaname got one more chance to hold things down and some of the robot fighting was pretty solid. But none of it made much difference in the end: probably the most fitting one sentence description for Macross Delta.


Final Thoughts

Let’s do this the one more time:

Love Triangle
I actually like our three main characters as individuals. Freyja and Hayate’s optimism and sense of fun was refreshing in a sea of mopey anime protagonists (well, until they get mopey), and Mirage’s inferiority complex about her famous family could have been a great sub plot with more time. I even liked their friendship as the three seemed to genuinely care about each other to a further extent than you usually see in these kinds of setups. But the actual romance? Meh. I guess they did mostly act like dumb teenagers which is fair, but overall there was bit too many anime cliches to really get invested. And no, I’m not just being salty that Mirage lost despite clearly being the better choice. Hayate didn’t deserve her anyway *crosses arms and pouts*

Pop Music
This actually might have been the most disappointing aspect of Delta. We were teased early on with great songs like “Ikenai Borderline” and the first ED but then nearly every song after that is completely forgettable. I would put partial blame on switching to an idol group format which is just inherently bland plus it’s hard to follow Yoko Kanno’s all time great work from Frontier. Still, they did assemble some talented singers and proved they could do better. At the very least we were introduced to JUNNA, who hopefully will go on to have a long, successful career. Both her and Mikumo were too good for this show.


Streaming Missiles
The battles were few and far between, particularly in the second half, but turned out to be a highlight of the show. The mix of music and missiles is a Macross staple and they did deliver on that when they wanted to. The biggest problem was getting us to care. The plight of Windmere had one interesting curve ball in their short life spans, but beyond that it was hard to see them as anything but villains with a fairly shallow grudge in the grand scheme of things. Roid’s (Lloyd’s?) final plan isn’t even revealed until the final 15 minutes and is completely unoriginal at that. With no other purpose to fight that “stop the bad guy”, it was hard to get to find much meaning in at all.

On top of all that, I have to come back to the single most egregious fault of Macross Delta: it undermines the theme of the entire franchise. Particularly in episode 19, it’s suggested that music actually has some kind of compulsory power on people. Until now, every Macross series has delivered the message that music, and by extension love, is a universal language. It can connect us through cultures, race, species even time itself. By suggesting that hearing music FORCES others to comply it just totally throws that lovely message out the window. That may seem like a small thing but it’s funny how if you rob your show of it’s heart and soul the details don’t really matter.

5 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 26 & Final Thoughts

  1. Let’s face it, this finale was doomed for failure when they took Mikumo, who had the strongest voice of the group, out of the ensemble for the last concert. Kaname’s fine but her voice really can’t compete and Reina is just… super filler. Freyja’s a good singer, but Mikumo’s voice was what gave the group that extra oomph. It doesn’t help that everyone was going off-key all the time, the songs sounded like garbage. And they didn’t even give Ikenai Borderline a final showing, even though it was the best song of the series. Musically, the finale was an overall failure, i don’t think anyone will be buying that final medley single.

    It also makes no sense how little songs we had in the second half, considering the music is what’s selling the most for this show (over ten times of what DVD/BDs are making).

    I liked the frienddship between Mirage, Hayate and Freyja, but I feel all the characters became stuck in the second half, no growth or development whatsoever. The confession scene was so weird and cringy :S Honestly would’ve preferred a “you are both my wings” kind of ending, the romantic development for Freyja felt very shoehorned and Mirage deserved better.

    Overall I think the show peaked at Messer’s funeral and then it just went downward with an over complicated plot that required three instances of of Exposition-ex-machina to explain and that downplayed the point of the Macross franchise as a whole. Agreed that Mikumo was too good for this show, all praise the queen

      • Let’s just hope JUNNA becomes as successful as May’n has, she has a really unique and powerful voice in an ocean of squirrel-voiced idols

  2. ” Mirage lost despite clearly being the better choice.”
    What? Hayate never gave a rat’s ass about her besides being a senpai. While he found his reason to live, became a man, got friends and a home because of Freyja. Mirage was just a cheerleader for them to get on. While Freyja changed his life and gave him everything.

    Mirage fell in love with the man who changed for another woman.

    • In retrospect I’m not even sure why Mirage fell for Hayate in the first place, other than the fact that it’s Macross and they need a love triangle. But whatever, I’m done with this show and there are lots of new, good series to watch this season.

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