Macross Delta Episode 24


“Fatal Judgement”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

Freyja, Hayate, and Mirage are put up to a sham trial while Roid (Lloyd?) shows Mikumo her past. With the main trio sentenced to death, Arad and the rest of Walkure must put together a hasty rescue plan.

Jel’s thoughts

Apologies for another late post but subs were delayed again and this was as quick as I could get to it. Hopefully we’ll be able to stay on track for the last couple episodes. As for this episode, I found myself asking a lot of technical questions. How did Hayate know the rescue team was on the way? How did they all jump down to their valkyries without breaking their legs? How did Roid (Lloyd?) break the rules of DNA and make Mikumo remember things from her original self just by chanting her name? As always with Delta, probably best not to think about the details and just move on.


Love Triangle
As if the fake trial wasn’t hammy enough, I was kind of half expecting one of the girls to shout they love Hayate before the whole thing was over. Heinz kind of lobbed one over the plate when asking Freyja what she sings for and honestly it wouldn’t have been any more embarrassing than her actual answer. Either one could have chimed in right before Hayate was about to leap to his death, although I guess that could have gone either way. I mean, on the one hand it’s incredibly inappropriate at the moment, on the other what do you have to lose at that point? There’s always the possibility that they knew the rescue team was on the way too, which I wasn’t really clear about. All I’m saying is somebody needs to say something before this is done.

Pop Music
In case we needed confirmation, Walkure is kind of lame without Mikumo. That’s pretty much calling water wet at this point though. No big shock with the Mikumo reveal either as I’ve been saying for a long time now that she’s probably cloned off some original protoculture person. As noted, it was pretty dumb how Roid (Lloyd?) was able to trigger her memories just by saying her name, I’m pretty sure that’s not how cloning works. I guess you could chalk some of that up to the magic painting thing he brought her too, but still. Her song did remind me of previous ancient songs we’ve heard in Macross like “Aimo”, as it did sound like some kind of made up language. So bonus points for that.


Streaming Missiles
I was somewhat surprised we got a little dogfighting action this week and that our heroes have already made their escape. I assumed our main group would be stuck in captivity until the final battle. Taking down Makina kind of makes you wonder why no one has just put a sniper on them to begin with, or why they wouldn’t have sent multiple snipers with the flying squirrel men for cover. I would respected them if they actually killed her off. I mean, they’ve been emphasizing the entire series how Walkure is putting themselves in danger but this is the first time we’ve truly seen it. I guess this works too, which is pretty much my motto for the entire episode. Don’t think too hard about it and let’s just get to next week.

2 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 24

  1. To be honest I couldn’t be bothered or engaged by the rest of the episode (and wouldn’t have been even if it hadn’t featured such a ridiculous phone trial) because half of it was just relishing in Mikumo’s victimization, being trapped by tentacle-y thingies, made powerless, and being psychologically tortured, violated and subdued.

    I really hope Makina dies because she really provides nothing to the series other than those shitawful nicknames, but since she apparently made it to safety partially conscious, I doubt they’ll pull through. Freyja on the other hand, looks like singing the way she does is accelerating her aging, which could lead to a final confrontation in which she sings her remaining lifespan away

  2. Yeah the way they dealt with Mikumo was pretty gross. At this point I just want the show to end, the second half has been really disappointing.

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