Macross Delta Episode 14-15


“Embracing Adrift” & “Parting Resolution”

Sundays in Japan only because this will NEVER BE LICENSED

With their funding from Ragna cut off, a creaky old colony ship to fix, and a city full of nervous civilians, Chaos and the Delta squad find themselves with a lot of problems to solve. Back on Windmere, Heinz is crowned the new king while Lloyd (Roid?) reveals his plan for GALACTIC DOMINATION.

Jel’s thoughts

Sorry everyone, had to skip a week with all the new season First Looks. It was probably for the best as episode 15 was super boring and not really worth it’s own post. Yes, we get it, Windmere really hates NUNS and the plan to take over the galaxy (including Earth) was not shocking at all. Episode 14 was at least a little more intersting with the rising tension on the colony ship and the hilariously over the top Love Triangle shenanigans. So let’s get into that then:


Love Triangle
I could only laugh as I watched Hayate and Mirage strip down to their underwear and cling to each other for some pretty thin plot reasons. I guess it was really hot out there? We need to just call this fight already and let poor Freyja down easy. She’s getting beaten so bad that I’m starting to question her Love Triangle Plot Armor. They seem to be drawing some parallel to Heinz and it’s becoming clear she’s going to at least be part of the key to countering him. Should we start worrying about her? Hmm…

Pop Music
New OP and ED! And they are… OK. The OP is kind of weird. I appreciate the attempt to try a different kind of beat instead of just going for another giant pop song, but it feels a little all over the place. The ED has a healthy dose of JUNNA cutting lose with the vocals which is pretty great, but the song itself is a touch bland. I think it will grow on me. In general though, I prefer the more focused charm of the first ED and I wish they had done something similar for Mikumo. Speaking of Mikumo, her more detailed flashbacks are only adding fuel to my theory that she is part of the original protoculture. Maybe we can end this whole thing with her in charge? I’d be OK with that.


Streaming Missiles
Most of the action in episode 14 was scrambling to hold the colony ship together – or Mirage pressing up against Hayate if you want to go that angle – but they did manage to get into a poorly transitioned fight in episode 15. I’ll point out again it’s interesting NUNS is being made out to be the bad guys, although with dissent slightly brewing in the Windmere ranks it seems Lloyd (Roid?) might be settling into his Main Villain glasses. Small detail, but I like the NUNS uniforms look vaguely like the uniforms from the original series. It’s kind of been awhile since we’ve seen their proper forces so that was a nice touch.

On a final note, I think I’m going to wait a couple more episodes to bring back the Betting Pool of Death. No sense in rushing it, although I do think the odds are going to be very different for some of the characters now. Feel free to start the baseless speculation now though!

3 thoughts on “Macross Delta Episode 14-15

  1. If I recall my physics correctly, the clothes tossing was to propel them to the cable (Newton’s third law and all); contrary to popular belief, “swimming” through the air is not a feasible method of locomotion for humans in zero-g (specifically, the low viscosity of air makes acceleration its bitch; it would be different if we were built like birds, but obviously we’re not).

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