The GLORIO Decade: The 2010s in Anime Music

Music is as integral to a piece of media as visuals or plot, which is why for as long as The GLORIO Blog has existed, we have done some variety of a feature about our favourite anime songs. With the decade having come to a close, we’re presenting the most memorable tracks of them all right here, with all the pithy commentary from yours truly you’ve come to expect.

Macross Delta Episode 25

With Mikumo in captivity, Windermere begins their plan to use her powers as the Star Singer to retake the galaxy. This is bad for business, so Berger tips off both NUNS and Delta squadron to prepare a counterattack.

Macross Delta Episode 24

Freyja, Hayate, and Mirage are put up to a sham trial while Roid (Lloyd?) shows Mikumo her past. With the main trio sentenced to death, Arad and the rest of Walkure must put together a hasty rescue plan.

Macross Delta Episode 23

Delta squad has arrived on Windermere but is split into three groups during the battle. Hayate, Mirage, and most of Walkure are taken captive by the Aerial Knights, and Hayate is forced to confront the truth about his father.

Macross Delta Episode 22

Mirage convinces Arad to let Freyja and Hayate join the offensive on Windermere. While Walkure attempts to open a gate to the planet, Mirage and Hayate are intercepted by a squad of knights led by Cassim.

Macross Delta Episode 20-21

Freyja and Hayate are grounded for testing after Hayate’s Var-like symptoms in the last battle. Mikumo’s status continues to be unknown, leading to a botched rescue mission by the rest of Walkure. While being detained, Kaname and the other girls recall the difficult early days of the group.