Anime original by Lay-Duce
Streaming on HIDIVE


Momo is a regular high school girl with super senses who gets recruited by “Tsukikage”, a black-ops intelligence agency staffed entirely by other high school girls who wear revealing outfits and do drugs. Together, they fight crime and lick each other.

Iro’s verdict: Bland and Tasteless

This is some shit where people figured, “we can’t make a show about modern day ninjas with superpowered drugs, nobody will like it”, and then someone in the room said, “what if they were all cute high school girls who acted like lesbians?” and ain’t that just the fucking story of modern anime, huh? Like, have we fallen so far that you just can’t get anything funded without idols or isekai or whatever other insipid shit that’s in every other goddamn show that drains away all life out of it? But what do I know? I’m sure someone out there thinks this is the best anime of the year, the decade, the century, but I’m hard pressed to find a single element of RELEASE THE SPYCE that gives me any reason to care at all. Even making this post about it was a waste of my time.

Zigg’s verdict: Release the Hounds

This is a brilliant example of the kind of storytelling where you mash so many elements together that the entire thing comes out as generic and bland as it could possibly be. You’ve got slice-of-life schoolgirls, obnoxious yuri baiting, cyberpunk overtones, spy fiction and some classic OTT anime action, and I just could not give a crap about any of it. The entire story is covered in suffocating layers of cliche, and the show seems far more interested in trite lesbian teasing than actually setting up any sort of plotline or world the audience can be engaged in. Add in art and midriff-baring character design that feels like you’ve fallen into a late 90’s harem OVA, and it’s fair to say we’ll stop the Princess Principle comparisons forthwith.

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