First Look: Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood

Alternative title(s):Tonari no Kyūketsuki-san
Manga Adaptation by Studio Gokumi
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Akari is an unhinged japanese school girl that really loves dolls. In searching for an urban legend about a living doll, she runs into Sophia, a loli vampire who happens to just casually tell people she’s a vampire.

Marlin’s verdict: I’M A VAMPIRE! A YURI VAMPIRE!

<romantic words>

I had no idea what this was about going into, so it’s nice to see at least one show actually have an opening that gives me an idea. Granted, it quickly was showing this was not something down my alley. If wikipedia is to be trusted, this is a seinen show, meaning it’s actually geared towards a male audience. I’m always wary of that, as it would imply the lesbianism is just meant for titilation and not for even a somewhat good reason. Granted, the show actually makes a pretty good transition from 4koma to anime, something many similar manga struggle to do. The jokes stitch into each other well, and the timing is actually pretty good. Referential humor walks a thin line, but I’ll admit the show got a chuckle out of me when our titular vampire picks up a steamroller to make a point.


At first, I was a bit put off with just how disconnected from any logical progression any of the developments of the show are, but at a certain point I had to understand that the show trades off absurdity as the bedrock of its comedy. Why is this vampire so blase about who knows she exists? Who cares! Why would any girl’s parents let her leave home and live with a stranger? Who cares! Still, I can’t in good conscience recommend this. It’s occasionally funny, but nowhere near enough for that to save it, and since this is a 4koma, there isn’t much else to talk about. Always happy when a show lets me do a good Nick Cage reference, but I’d still rather put a stake in it.

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