First Look: Remake Our life!

Remake Our Life - Title CardAlternative title(s): Bokutachi no Rimeiku
Light Novel Adaptation by Feel
Streaming on Crunchyroll


Transported ten years into the past, one failed video game developer gets a second chance to choose arts college instead of general college to learn to be creative, find a specialism and maybe meet his heroes along the way.

Remake Our Life - Legit kaiju

Peter’s verdict: Please don’t screw this up

When I was finishing school and about to start college, I was fairly certain I wanted to be a computer programmer. I’d done programming courses in my own time, messed about with robots, etc. It seemed fairly clear to me that this was the route my career was to go down. Now, when I was starting college, I had to pick four subjects to take, with one likely to be dropped after the first year to focus on the remaining three. The first three were easy (computing plus maths and a science) but I had no idea what to pick for the fourth. I ended up thinking “what subject would be a laugh that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about” and picked media studies. I ended up taking media studies all the way through the two years at college and was my favourite subject, yet I took computing at university because “that’s where the money is”. Fast forward several more years, several programming jobs and here I am writing about anime, having a radio show for over a decade, and currently unemployed, because I do not enjoy the work I’ve been doing and have had enough. I wish I could speak to my younger self and steer them towards a creative line of education and career, rather than railroading myself down programming.

Remake Our Life - Tried to find a place but failed

The protagonist of Remake Our Life! is Hashiba Kyouya who, when graduating high school, took two exams, one for a general college and one for an arts college. He wrote off the arts college and went with the general college. He did some office jobs, but then tried to go for his dream and ended up working for a few game development companies, largely doing odd jobs but not as a lead for anything. These companies either failed or focused on avenues that resulted in his team being fired, etc. He then wakes up ten years in the past and is given the opportunity to choose the arts college and have a second chance at doing what he loves in life, and maybe even meeting his creative heroes in the process.

Remake Our Life - Youre Fired

So, I relate a lot to Kyouya’s situation, being in a string of jobs that aren’t super fulfilling and wishing you could turn back the clock and take the risk in a creative career path. In Remake’s hour long first episode, we get the various preamble, we meet someone with fancy hair who is clearly going to be an important character later on in the series, and Kyouya goes back in time and goes down the arts route. Good for him! A lot of this show is likely going to be a journey of self discovery as Kyouya figures out how to be creative, brainstorms with friends, and find his idolised artists from the future and, with the way things are going, probably boning them too.

Remake Our Life - INSERT LEWD HERE

Yep, this show gets pretty horny pretty quickly. The alarm bells went when I saw the studio Feel animated it, as I know them largely from shows where having well-drawn and animated boobs and butts is important. Both the opening and ending sequences has the three main girls in swimsuits, and we have one of them decide to sleep in the same bed as Kyouya while he’s asleep and then spill a yogurt drink on their partially-exposed chest for good measure. I’m sure this show will start doing more explicit things later on if the first episode has something like that, but there we go.

Putting the lewds aside for the moment, this show actually seems alright. We had a really well written monologue from a teacher explaining that very few people who graduate each year actually get the job they want, and that the industry they’re entering is not making necessities, they’re making luxuries so anyone who’s struggling to make ends meet isn’t going to be spending money on them, etc, but rounds it off well enough to make it a motivating speech. We then get to see bits of lessons, mixers, club activities, etc. The silly girl from before drinks too much booze and falls asleep, so Kyouya carries her back and, at the very end of the episode, finds out she’s actually one of the famous artists he’s admired for so long, which acts as motivation to carry on figuring out what he’s going to do with his life.

Remake Our Life - Couldve worked together

So yeah, apart from the shared bed and yogurt bit, a generally alright double-length episode. The first half is almost all pre-time travel, second half post. The first half is pretty slow in that respect, and they could have done without it, but that honestly would’ve just made it seem like any other isekai. Actually spending time with the protagonist of the show for a decent amount of time prior to getting isekai’d can probably be commended somewhat.

Visually it’s very pretty, and there’s certainly a lot of visual and audible nods to Makoto Shinkai’s your name. throughout (the peggies being budget RADWIMPS I can get behind, though you’ve got various BanG Dream! groups actually performing the tracks). Unlike in your name. though, the protagonist actually looks at a calendar to check the date (sorry if that affects your enjoyment of your name. but come on now). I can see myself enjoying the series overall if it doesn’t just turn into a romcom, and instead they spend time actually exploring Kyouya’s self discovery in taking the career path he regretted not taking the first time round. I’ll probably still enjoy it even if it does become a romcom, but it will be a let down from what it could have been.

Remake Our Life - Pain in the ass

One thought on “First Look: Remake Our life!

  1. I actually really appreciated that we spent so much time on the status quo ante, it gives us a better appreciation of why the protagonist wants to leave his life in the first place.

    And I wish he had actually slept with his roommate just so we can get that stupid cliché out of the way where the guy lies about being asexual because he’s afraid the sex Gestapo will throw him in a gulag.

    Anyway, I’m not sure how the art school experience will intersect with the time travel thing. I hope it does, but so far it hasn’t really done so, which means this could just have been a show about a normal guy studying art in university in the time before smart phones.

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