The GLORIO Chat Episode 45: Fall 2019 Anime Preview

Aqua fights off a dreaded anime cold long enough to make fun of my terrible taste in anime, then we preview the upcoming Fall 2019 anime season.

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by¬†BRADIO

Show Notes

Returning Series:

  • Have no fear, My Hero Academia is here!
  • I think we’re gonna pass on more Psycho-Pass
  • It’s not anime, it’s Gundam Build Divers!

New Series:

  • The gang rolls for a five-star, ultra-rare gatcha game adaptation that is actually good:
    • Azur Lane, or “What if Kantai Collection had a semblance of tact?”
    • Granblue Fantasy, or “What if Rage of Bahamut had a fanbase?”
    • Fate/Grand Order, or “What if Fate/Stay Night had lost its goddamn mind?”
  • The Fall 2012 season anime preview, featuring:
    • Val x Love? Baby, don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…
    • Will Jel really be the only one who likes Are You Really The Only One Who Likes Me?
    • Assassin’s Pride should have been called Assassin’s Greed, I mean come on.
  • There are about half a dozen isekai shows this season that we refuse to talk about.
  • Let’s all enjoy Beastars¬†before Disney’s lawyers nuke the studio from orbit.
  • Shut up, sit down, and watch After School Dice Club.
  • Will Stars Align bat above average or is it way out of its competitors’ league?
  • Law and Order: Special Crime Investigation Unit: Special Seven.
  • There’s an anime starring Gilgamesh next season and somehow it’s not the one called Babylon.
  • Is that a gun in his pocket or is Gee just happy to see a No Guns Life anime?
  • Another do-gooder is invading on Kazuma Kiryu’s turf in Kabuki-cho Sherlock
  • It just dawned on me that Rifle is Beautiful is probably supposed to be a take on “Life is Beautiful” and now you’re also burdened with that knowledge for the rest of your life.
  • Is Blade of the Immortal really a tough story to kill, or is this new anime adaptation dead on arrival?
  • Netflix wants you to know that Levius is here too, I guess.
  • So anime movies are a thing we have to pay attention to now?
    • BLACKFOX sneaks onto Crunchyroll as our most anticipated anime of this season.
    • Apparently they’re doing a remake of some obscure show from the 80’s. What was it called? Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These?

2 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 45: Fall 2019 Anime Preview

  1. – I have stop reading MHA for a while now but still keep tag on it event. I think my main problems with it are it keep focus in Bakugou while sidelined other characters and after All for One defeated, none of the villains that follow after him are interesting, they raise some good point about the MHA sociatyflaws but all treated as villain so those points don’t matter and the heroes never considerate those points.

    – There is another show this season that i would recommended, it’s called Mairimashita! Iruma-kun, basically a cross between Rosaria X Vampire ( human got stuck in a demon school) and Hayate( MC is sold by his parents). It from the same magazine as Beaststar and it a really nice school life manga. Suck that it don’t have good translation.

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