First Look: The Girl in Twilight

Asuka Tsuchimiya is the head of the ‘Crystal Radio Research Society’, a bunch of friends who indulge in weird and wonderful superstitions revolving around radio frequencies. Things get weird when a specific crystal and frequency transport them to another world, where they bump into a very different alternate version of Asuka.

A New Challenger Approaches!

We’d like to welcome Iain “colons” Dawson to the Glorio Blog, whom according to Chris and Zigg is neither a set of punctuation marks or part of anyone’s digestive tract. He’ll be up and posting soon enough, but in the meantime you can check out his website or hit him up on twitter @mftb. Yay.

Golden Time Episode 7

Recap: Koko is as crazy a girlfriend anyone would expect. After the world’s greatest trolling, she becomes worried at the strained relationship between Banri and Linda. With the help of everyone’s favorite punk rocker, the two finally talk things through.

Contest: Win a copy of Rune Factory 3!

Thats right! To celebrate the release of Xseed’s Rune Factory 4, and because we know you all are incredibly sad that you can’t court Raven despite her being in the game, us generous people here at TGB have decided to throw a shiny new copy of Rune Factory 3 for the DS your way!

Incoherent Babble Episode 11: Hooverboard Edition

Yes, it’s time for those titans of the internet airwaves to return, as Zigg, Jel, Aqua, Iro and Life crash back onto the scene to give their impressions of the new season and break down each individual show. There’s also a smattering of what we’ve been watching and playing, and plenty of gossip on the…

The Giga Ero-Kawaii Definitive Fan Fiction Awards

All yall bitches like fanfics rite?? You’re not a TRUE OTAKU FAN unless you read all the fanfics and doujinshi of all your favorite japanimations and magmas. But of course we’re all true otaku fanz so we read all the fanficitons that people write.s. Especially for our favoirtes how of all time, the best anime ever…