GLORIO Special Report & Cosplay Gallery: Kitacon 2016


The convention scene in the UK probably isn’t as active as it is in the USA, but we’ve still got a large variety of cons and meetups in my home country to cater to anime fans. One of my favourites remains Kitacon, run annually by a passionate group of volunteers and fans. It’s a small, intimate hotel con that’s usually only about 1000 people strong, but packed full of talented cosplayers, performers and panelists. Every year for three days we pack the Birmingham Metropole Hilton for a long weekend of parties, masquerades, questionable panels, quizzes and just general tomfoolery, most of it revolving around anime, manga or related nerdery. The latest event happened earlier this month so I hopped on a train and made my way up to the English midlands to join in on the revelry.

While here at The Glorio Blog we prefer to act as distant lords and ladies handing down anime judgement from on high, I can reveal that in my real, non-2D life I’m actually a photographer, so what better way to convey the events of the weekend than with a cosplay gallery? Presented here we’ve got a mix from official events, arranged photoshoots and more casual, spur of the moment meetings. My huge thanks to all the lovely ladies and gentlemen who allowed themselves to be photographed. It was a great con and I’m looking forward to heading back next year!

(Where appropriate, cosplayers are credited in image captions!)


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