GLORIO Special Report & Cosplay Gallery: London MCM Comicon May 2016



The MCM¬†group runs several comicon shows around the UK throughout the year, but the London show, run bi-annually in May and October, has always been by far and away the biggest and most important of them all. From relatively humble origins it’s grown in size to rival the largest of the American and European shows, this year putting over 130,000 people through the ExCel Convention Centre in the east of London. Although the event’s focus on anime has been downplayed in recent years as it’s swollen and become more mainstream, it’s still the de-facto most important event for the industry in Britain, and consequently most of the major book, disc and game publishers turn out for the event. Announcements are made and streams confirmed, guests presented and licences acquired. And of course there’s a terrific array of cosplay from all ages and sexes on display. Here’s a small selection of the most impressive anime-related outfits I saw over my time there.


2 thoughts on “GLORIO Special Report & Cosplay Gallery: London MCM Comicon May 2016

  1. Great stuff!! I’m surprised by the amount of “official” cosplayers!!! By official i mean they actually have dedicated facebook pages. That Majora’s mask is dope

    • Facebook has made it a hell of al ot easier to track people down, which is good fro all concerned. And yes, Majora was absolutely one of the best I’ve ever seen. The level of detail was insane.

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