The Giga Ero-Kawaii Definitive Fan Fiction Awards

(If you’re finding our blog for the first time via this post, then know that this was for April Fools day and is not indicative of our usual level of quality. Have a nice day!)

All yall bitches like fanfics rite?? You’re not a TRUE OTAKU FAN unless you read all the fanfics and doujinshi of all your favorite japanimations and magmas. But of course we’re all true otaku fanz so we read all the fanficitons that people write.s. Especially for our favoirtes how of all time, the best anime ever…


Sword Art Online BY REKi ahnazawa

If uve nefver heard of this super good show thne you just dont know anime my friends, its not just the best animne but it the best cartoons of all time.And t so the best of all thetime has to have the best fanfics righth? So we have worked very hardtoday to find all the best and most ero-kawaii and amazin fanfics of this giga good show for you all today!! o butt be carefull beecuz this mite be too hot for scott!!!!!ifyou know wut i mean, so be carefullll where u read dis

third placee is Untold Story: Swords Art Naruto by Author: Axel yamamoto

this sweetnsexy fic is a combination of our two favorites most in the universe, Sword Art Online BY REKi ahnazawa and nuraot by msashi kishimo, withc is a magma abotu ninjas doin cool ninja stuffs. haha BANKAI NO JUTSU (its a bleach referenc wwe lik that hsow 2)

Naruto laugh. “Hahahahaha, believe it!” Then heand Kirito turn around and run, as he take one last look back, Klein already gone. “I don’t like saying good bye’s…”

“Me too.”

The two of them run and keep running passing the desserted street and into the field.

“We… we’re going to survive!” Kirito cry out.

“Hell yeah we are! Believe it!” Naruto cry out as he and Kirito keep running to they’re destination, a wolf appear in front of them and ready to attack, but both of them we’re ready and unsheath they’re sword, and cut the wolf in half.

second place is Kirito my Only by Author: scrubprincess

this fnafic gets 2nd plaze because the writer really gets how the characters talk to eah other and like eeah other. it very hard to make good romane butt scrubprincess rly gets it and makes a good fafnic for all the fgans.

“Okay I love you kirito.”

“I love you too asuna you are the greatest girlfriend ever made.”

Then they left their virtual house and went into the virtual world. Kirito heard somebody approaching from behind him and then he took ofiut his sword measuring in ten feet which only he could wield. It grew ten more feet until it was the most longest sword ever made. It turned out to be a squirrel behind him. But it was no ordinary squirrel! It was the Doom King Squirrel that was the most invincible and the strongest thing ever.

“Asuna help me defeat this squirrel.”

“Okay kirito Ill help you.”

They both jumped into the thin air and landed on top of the squirrel’s head and started chopping away. Virtual red data stuff went flying everywhere but it was no use and they kept going. It was going nowhere so kirito decided to activate his secret power: love power beam II. He turned to asuna and said:

“Asuna our love will cross space and time to become power itself. Kiss me.”

and the final grand prize of the ultimate giga super mega rookie champion digital ero-kawaii definititve fanfiction awards is

first place is Sword Art Online: Extra Chapter 16,5 by REKi ahnazawa]

waooww this is the most ero-kawaii fanfic of thema ll ther eis no question about it. i cant evne make the rite words to talk baout it so i will just paste a lil bit for you all.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, ha…”

Her voice was once again mixed with the sound of arousal. Asuna bit down on the fingers of her right hand, as she moved her hips up and down.

“Ah, ah, why, am I, ah, like this, like this…”

Asuna’s long chestnut-colored hair flew into the air every time she shook her head. Beads of sweat also flew about, turning into light before disappearing.

“I’m sorry, sorry, Kirito, I’m, ah, ah, com…com…coming—!”

Asuna threw her body back while drawing out the last part of her sentence as she violently convulsed two, three times. Her breasts which were sticking out in front of her danced in time with those motions.

I was in no position to pause and admire the sight of Asuna with her eyes scrunched closed and her teeth gritted together looking incredibly cute, yet horribly lewd, all at the same time. As Asuna’s vagOOO gripped my pOnOs tightly, I was once again assaulted with the powerful urge to come.

OKay bye bye see you next year every11!!!

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