First Look: Bloom Into You

Yuu Koito had always assumed she’d understand love as soon as someone confessed to her, but when a boy told her he loves her on the day of their middle school graduation, she didn’t know how to react. Now in high school, Yuu continues to be puzzled by her classmates’ stories of teenage romance, but eventually finds a kindred spirit in the diligent student council president Touko Nanami. When Nanami unexpectedly tells Yuu she might be falling for her, however, things quickly get even more confusing.

The GLORIO Fall 2018 Anime Guide – Part 1

Following hot on the trail of our season preview podcast, Aqua, Iro, Zigg and Gee have an in-depth look at the upcoming anime season. In this first part, we give our two cents on, amongst others, the spiritual successor to Tiger & Bunny, a new project by the creator of the Zero Escape games and a clash for the ages between the two biggest light novel adaptations in anime history.