The GLORIO Chat Episode 26: Is Satan a Bad Dude?

We try not to make total fools of ourselves while discussing the importance of Zombie Land Saga episode 8 and Bloom Into You. And of course, more Gridman!

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by¬†BRADIO

Show Notes

2:10 Who’s your Smash main?

6:49 I stopped watching a lot of things

8:15 Zombie Land Saga is still bad but episode 8 was important

Crunchyroll posted an opinion piece on episode 8 that echoes the reactions I’ve seen from other trans people.

20:55 Precure is also doing some important, progressive things these days

25:20 Listen to the rest of the crew tolerate me rambling about A Certain Magical Index season 3 for a few minutes

30:35 Listen to me tolerate the rest of the crew rambling about Irozuku: The World In Colors for a few minutes

37:18 The second half of Bloom Into You has been great, particularly episode 7

40:56 Does the anime adaptation go too far with how they portray the kissing?

54:37 The second half of SSSS.Gridman has been great and I’m still predicting there will be a live action segment before this is over

1:10:13 Is Akane Shinjo the best villain of the year?

1:13:50 Impromptu tokusatsu update

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