The GLORIO Chat Episode 23: Fall 2018 Anime First Impressions

Jel, Gee, Zigg, and Aqua ask the important questions like is Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai the worst title of all time, is Zombieland Saga just another idol show, and can we declare flaming skull dudes with sunglasses the “chocobo” of Trigger anime?

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Opening Song: “Emotional literacy” by BRADIO

Show Notes

2:22 Jel and Gee still can’t shut up about Hanebado

7:34 FLCL Alternative was less bad than Progressive

18:42 Run with the Wind is the rare chill sports show

26:38 Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai is a stupid title

34:11 IRODUKU: The World In Colors is another P.A. Works show

44:25 Double Decker is an anime buddy cop sitcom

51:10 A Certain Magical Index is dumb and I hate myself for liking it

1:00:22 We don’t talk about Goblin Slayer

1:04:55 Boarding School Juliet “should” have been my favorite show of the season

1:10:14 Is Zombieland Saga a satire of idol anime or is it just an idol anime?

1:21:11 Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is still freek’n us

1:23:55 Bloom Into You is not your typical yuri anime except it kind of has to be your typical yuri anime

1:34:44 SSSS Gridman kind of feels like old Gainax


4 thoughts on “The GLORIO Chat Episode 23: Fall 2018 Anime First Impressions

  1. Thanks for the discussion on Bloom into You. I dismissed it because it seemed like the “same old”, but now I’m interested in either watching the show or reading the manga. Also, on the topic of “same old”, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one disappointed in Boarding School Juliet. I was so totally on board with the first half of the first episode, and then turns out it’s that same old song again. And in the second episode it’s even showing the eventual harem elements.

    I respectfully disagree with putting Double Decker in the same category as Sirius the Jaeger, though. I watched Sirius and while it wasn’t the worst thing ever, it was one of the most boring and lackluster shows I’ve ever seen. Sure, it was competently animated and scored, but the story was basically a pile of tired old clichés, the writing was terrible, the dialogues were painful, the characters were one-dimensional archetypes, the direction was about as basic as anime can get, aside of some of the fight scenes… Being harmless and mostly non-offensive is pretty much the best I can say about it (compared to other Netflix shows like B: The Beginning or Sword Guy that are the exact same but with tropes that I actually find offensive). Double Decker may not cure cancer, but it has a some nice direction, snappy and fun writing and dialogues, and most importantly fun characters that may be familiar but also have personalities and dynamics that go beyond being just a pile of tropes.

    • For Boarding School Juliet, I don’t think they will go the full harem route per se. I think it’s more like a shoujo romance where there has to be a romantic rival on each side to ratchet up the tension, even though you know they will never get anywhere. In fact, the entire setup of the show feels more like a standard shoujo romance than a seinen one, which makes the male gaze-y fan service feel even weirder.

      • I don’t know – I think the entire show is very much male-targeted, from the romance and character dynamics to the overall tone and the visual language. It belongs to that genre of male-targeted (“shounen” although that doesn’t really mean much anymore considering how fluid target demographics have become) romances that don’t necessarily alienate a female audience but they are very clearly not the main demographics. Think Tenchi, Love Hina, etc.

        In fact, this show reminds me of what some people call the “good old days of anime” where it was kind of assumed that unless a show is very pink and frilly or it’s for little kids, its audience is dudes; and where male-targeted fanservice was a “well duh!” thing even in otherwise amazing shows like Cowboy Bebop or GITS:SAC. (It was a time I very much don’t miss, it was a really frustrating experience to watch something with an interesting story or interesting characters and constantly get T&A in your face. At least nowadays the fanservice is more equal opportunity.)

        • Oh for sure, the presentation is definitely male targeted, particularly the visual direction. That’s arguably the main problem. I just meant if you wrote the plot out on paper, it would sound like a shoujo romance.

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