Haganai NEXT Episode 9

The Neighbor’s Club begins filming their movie for the Cultural Festival. Kodaka begins to notice other people making strange comments about his relationship with Sena, including one of her jealous classmates.

Haganai NEXT Episode 7

Kobato’s birthday is approaching and the girls try to parlay buying her a gift into a date with Kodaka. After partying with the Neighbor’s Club, Kodaka and Kobato find some surprise visitors waiting at home.

Haganai NEXT Episode 4

Sena tries to lure Kobato with tickets to a theme park featuring a stage show based on her favorite anime. Yozora diffuses the situation by having the entire Neighbor’s Club make the trip.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Episode 7

The gang take a quick break from election action as the primaries are finally over. As everyone starts to relax, the story’s harem roots take back control as Yuuki gets to have inappropriate moments with three of the girls.