Haganai NEXT Episode 4

This looks much worse out of context

Recap: Sena tries to lure Kobato with tickets to a theme park featuring a stage show based on her favorite anime. Yozora diffuses the situation by having the entire Neighbor’s Club make the trip.

Jel’s Thoughts: With Yozora and Sena projectile vomiting, Rika screaming nonsense obscenities, and enough harem teasing to kill a hundred fanboys/girls, this episode was Haganai back in top form. I’m finding Sena’s complete transition to the cast’s resident pervert funnier than I expected, and the lengthy roller coaster gag made me laugh harder than it probably deserved. They even threw in a scene with Yozora shutting up Maria, so pretty much all the items on my Good Haganai Episode checklist were covered.

Best scene in the series

Of course the one thing everyone will remember about this episode is the not-so-shocking revelation about Yukimura’s gender. I love jokes that leave things to your imagination, so I kind of liked that we never really knew if he she was a guy or a girl. Since Kodaka presumably doesn’t swing that way, it made his her spot in the harem that much funnier and honestly I would have been fine never knowing the truth. Still, the idea that he she has been a girl dressed as a guy dressed like a girl this entire time is pretty amusing on its own, and certainly makes his her quest to become a true man much more interesting.

Get in line and wait your turn

The other smaller development is Pegasus apparently making wedding plans for Kodaka and Sena, but that seems to be a story they’re building up to for another time. Yozora seems to have her own designs on Kodaka, and I find it funny she’s not even hiding it and yet no one seems to notice. Between that, Rika taking off her glasses, and now Yukimura re-re-genderswapped we’re in full blown harem mode on the romance front. I’m just hoping Haganai can stay focused enough on it’s oddball cast and irreverent sense of humor to avoid the pitfalls that statement might imply.

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