Pet Girl of Sakurasou: Episode 7

Recap: Sorata’s imouto Yuuko comes to visit Sakurasou and pester her brother. When she arrives Yuuko is immediately introduced to Mashiro, and antics ensue. Supposedly she came to ask Sorata for advice about high school, but really she just wanted to have some fun.

Before Yuuko returns home Yuuko, Mashiro, and Nanami all go to a festival together. At the festival more antics ensue. Before Yuuko returns home she declares that she won’t lose to Nanami, and that she is going to apply to their high school.

Please don’t judge my anime for the antics of my little sister.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Yuuko is kind of obnoxious, but that was also the point I supposed. The episode still managed to amuse me quite a bit. The directing took a turn for the Shinbo. It’s pretty clear that Sakurasou decided that adding a loli was a good reason to imitate a famous lolicon director as the real world cutaways are something he is somewhat infamous for. I am not really complaining as this episode was particularly funny. The misunderstandings with Mashiro were at their best in this episode, and Mashiro managed to again prove that there is a little more going on in her head than meets the eye.. sometimes, other times she is busy sticking rice to her face.

I have to painfully concede that this episode was full of harem antics even if they were only superficial, but anyone who has watched this far is probably going to be willing to overlook the silliness of this episode. I feel like this episode was trying to use Yuuko to force the audience to see Nanami as a legitimate rival, and I’m not buying it.

Harem date time.

Nanami did grow on me a little a bit in episode six; however, in this episode Nanami takes on the role of third in a harem of three. I don’t hate the way her development is being done as this episode was at least hilarious, but Nanami feels very non essential to the process. Insert more of the usual complaints about harem girls here. It’s not even that a I hate harem stories, but after demanding that we take Nanami seriously in episodes five and six I hope this anime will give us some better reasons to do so. That doesn’t make this a bad episode, but it does raise some concern for Nanami’s future role in this story since she appears to be an essential piece.

This episode wasn’t particularly deep, but I felt the antics were funny enough, and there was a bit of character development involved in all the chaos. I am looking forward to seeing what next week will throw at us once Sorata gets his game design results back. Hopefully more than the preview’s beach episode promise. For now I am just glad that the Imouto is gone for the foreseeable future.(I hope)

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