Sword Art Online II Episode 6

As he narrows down the identity of DEATH GUN, Kirito recalls a traumatic experience from his SAO days. After winning his next round, he faces off with Sinon in their final qualifying round.

Sword Art Online II Episode 5

Kirito and Sinon enter the Bullet of Bullets tournament but their relationship goes sour when she discovers he’s a guy. Kirito faces his first round opponent and discovers the harsh realities of… oh who am I kidding? He murders him with ease.

Sword Art Online II Episode 4

Kirito logs onto GGO and tries to prepare for his mission despite his complete lack of knowledge when it comes to guns. He encounters Sinon in town, who helps him choose his equipment.

First Look: Sword Art Online II

Nearly one year after the Sword Art Online incident, the government recruits Kirito to help investigate a series of mysterious murders. To find the killer he must enter Gun Gale Online, the only MMO in Japan with professional players.