First Look: Samurai Jam – Bakumatsu Rock


Game Adaptation by Studio DEEN
Simulcast on Crunchyroll


The oppressive Tokugawa Shogunate and their state funded Boy Band have taken the music from the people. With his burning passion and magic guitar, one man decides to take it back using the power of ROCK.


Jel’s verdict: Radio Friendly

It’s cool to see shows targeted at the otome game demographic have some kind of appeal beyond gaggles of pretty boys. Rather than connect us with some quiet, level headed girl to live vicariously through, the hot blooded main character feels more like someone out of Sengoku Basara than anything. That’s not to say Bakumatsu Rock doesn’t do its best to fill your sceen with abs (it does), but it’s so silly and positive I think it could get a smile out of anyone. Carting out idol groups and electric guitars in medieval Japan is as ridiculous as it sounds and is treated with the proper amount of playful bombast. The characters are simple but likable, the comedy is light, and the respectable production values explode into life at the the key moments.

The fact that Bakumatsu Rock doesn’t take itself the least bit seriously might be its strongest point, sparing the audience any unnecessary drama and just letting you have fun. It’s the type of thing that could be easily ruined by tacking on some tragic backstories or some other serious conflict, which I suppose is possible down the line. If the series keeps the tone of this first episode though, I could see this being quite entertaining.


Life’s verdict: Rocking Out

So we start the new season off with something I expected nothing from. Actually that isn’t true, I expected this anime to be awful. Color me surprised because it’s actually pretty amusing in a “wow that was dumb, but fun to watch” kind of way. The main character is an absolute moron who happened upon a western rock star and now feels compelled to sing his rock music. He doesn’t know or care about any rebellion, but that doesn’t matter because the Government watches those who rock and are out to get him just because. The re-imagining of history is amusing in it’s own right. I doubt I’ll stick with this show once the stuff I’m really interested in picks up, but I have to say I laughed myself through the episode and that is more than I excepted.

One thought on “First Look: Samurai Jam – Bakumatsu Rock

  1. With his burning passion and magic guitar, one man decides to take it back using the power of ROCK

    well that is one hell of a hook right there xDDD
    gonna give this show a look for sure. looking forward to more first looks from this season.

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