The Roundup: Spring 2014 Volume 12


In this week’s episode…

I get the week off as Lifesong and Marlin finish off the remaining shows from Spring. Some deserve another chance, some we’ll be glad to see dead and buried, and The World Is Still Beautiful remains as firmly planted in the middle as it has all season.

The Roundup is a weekly guide to all the “other” shows we’re watching this season. Check out our full coverage of:

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The World Is Still Beautiful Episode 12

Saturday 3:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Watching: Iro, Marlin

Marlin: This show seems to have caught Shoujo Finale Disorder, where for some reason shoujo stories decide to end their major plot arcs the episode before it is over, causing them to create unappealing filler at the end to fill the space. I suppose this is by no means as bad as My Little Monster‘s inexplicable scavenger hunt finale, but this show was also not as good as MLM. Thus, this episode comes across as a last whimper before it inevitably leaves our consciousness. Sure, the couple is cute, but as we’ve said a million times, way creepier since the dude’s a kid.

Brynhildr In the Darkness Episode 13

Sunday 10:00 am EST on Crunchyroll
Watching: Lifesong

Lifesong: Everything after the OP switch is garbage. I want to bleach my mind and just forget it ever happened. Sadly I don’t have the all too convenient power of Brynhildr’s heroine and I can’t forget things so easily. The plot takes a turn toward instrumentality and while I found that dumb it was only the start of the stupid. Nothing is solved by this ending. The character motivations make no sense, Kuroneko loses her memories again and not only is Kazumi unable to have Ryouta’s babies, she doesn’t even get laid! I wanted to forgive this show until the bitter end, but I just can’t do it. At least the first OP was cool.

Black Bullet Episodes 12 and 13

Tuesday 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll
Watching: Lifesong, Marlin

Lifesong: This show has a darkness to it that goes beyond what I expected from a light novel. At time that feels strange, but in the end it has been something I’ve come to appreciate. Characters die and morality lines are blurred as heroes become villains and vice versa. It feels strange to say this in a season with a show from the creator of Elfen Lied as competition, but Black Bullet was the darkest show of the season. The real selling point of this show was in the drama and theatrics of it. Weird pacing issues leave certain events feeling awkward, but I find myself forgiving it for that. We were left with a ton of unanswered questions in end. I hope we will see a second season. I believe this show deserves one.

If Her Flag Breaks – Good Lord, this made Fate/Zero’s circle walking look like competent exposition.


Chaika –The Coffin Princess– Episode 12

Wednesday 2:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll
Watching: Lifesong

Lifesong: Lessons learned in this episode: Never pick a fight with a dragoon and don’t play chicken with your flying fortress over a giant lake. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this episode was the implication of a new Chaika being born or something similar. Chaika saving Tooru was a nice way to end this season. I’m looking forward to more come fall.

If Her Flag Breaks Episode 12

Wednesday 3:00 pm EST on Crunchyroll
Watching: Lifesong, Marlin

Marlin: This show is so stupid. I know this might not seem like a shocker, but I’d like to make something clear: There is a difference between dumb and stupid. Dumb is endearing. Often, if I think something’s dumb, it’s because it’s so inane it makes me crack a smile. Stupid is just god awful. I associate stupid for when something tries too hard. From the utterly asinine Neo fighting to Nanami literally talking to herself, this show did everything wrong by leaning on its already terrible dramatic roots until they break completely. I can’t believe this author really thought this plot worked. There is a point in the episode where characters actually say having a deus ex machina create a good ending is preferable to a thoughtful downer. Everything about this episode was just the worst and I cannot believe this was a thing that actually happened.

2 thoughts on “The Roundup: Spring 2014 Volume 12

  1. Black Bullet: holy shit Kisara went totally psycho with that kill *GUUUUSH* not that I don’t totally agree with her. Black Bullet was MY most despair inducing show this season what with killing off all dem lolis and one even commiting suicide, MIDORI! ;-; and Kisara possibly turning to the dark side…here’s hoping a season 2 is announced.

    Chaika: My chestburster cant be this cute, haha that scene with Fredrika totally giving me Aliens vibes It sorta makes sense since she is a dragoon after all. Tooru choosing Chaika over sexy nee-san was to be expected, that aside Akari is still best gurl, she basically one-shots that wizard by crushing his skull with her sledgehammer…and I might be wrong but did Vivi just become another Chaika!? 0_0 sure seems like it. new season can’t come fast enough, hopefully with more Red Chaika in tow

    Brynhildr; shoulda been a two-cour show.

    • It seems like everyone in Black Bullet either dies or is has one foot in on the dark side. The dark side has a whole lot of appeal in this story.

      I’m not sure if Vivi became a Chika or not, but that seemed to be what her hair was implying. Guess we have a few months before we find out.

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