First Look: The Eccentric Family 2

Time has passed. Benten has gone on a mysterious journey while life returns to normal for the Shimogamo family. Everything seems to be going smoothly until one day the Nidaime, Professor Akadama’ estranged son, returns to Kyoto. With a fight between two powerful Tengu looming, things are about to change in the sleepy city. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch the first season.

The Eccentric Family Episode 7

The boys force the Professor to go take a bath. When most anime would use this kind of set-up for sexy shenanigans, it’s played straight until Kinkaku and Ginkaku come in to deal a heavy truth to the Shimogamo boys.

The Eccentric Family Episode 6

We learn a bit more about the circumstances surrounding Souichiro’s death at the hands of the Friday Fellows. Throughout the episode, Yasaburo constantly mentions how much Benten has changed since she joined the infamous club.

The Eccentric Family Episode 3

Yasaburo is tasked with finding a flying vessel for Obon. After asking Professor Akadama, his searching brings him back to the ever coquettish Benten. What happened between these three to create such a tenuous relationship?