The Eccentric Family Episodes 8 and 9


Recap: The Shimogamo brothers learn the truth of the night their father died. Determined to move past it, Yaichiro is determined to be elected as the next leader of the tanuki.

Episode 8

Yajiro has always been the most mysterious of the four brothers. With this tale of guilt and grief, we finally understand why he acts as he does. Yajiro was not what one would call a good son. In fact it seems like, before this incident, he was an alcoholic, lost in what to do with his life. I’m still not sure how weirded out I am that he was interested in Kaisei, as this episode seems to show each character looking the same age when Souichiro died as now. My favorite part of this episode is when their mother talks to Yasaburo about the night. Any good mother knows more about their children than they do themselves, and she is no exception.  she had always known the truth of why Yajiro became so depressed.


The room where Souichiro says his final farewell to Professor Akadama brings up a lot more questions than it answers, honestly. From the implication, it would seem that it is a passageway to the afterlife, as Souichiro claims he is already dead. His decision initially seems selfish to me, he decided it was better to die and have his death hold his family together than to allow the possibility for it to fall apart around him. It’s hard to say if the family is really better off together, considering Yajiro’s hermit lifestyle after the guilt he feels for leaving him alone. Still, with the way Yajiro and Yasaburo’s personalities are, it’s not hard to see where comes from in that decision.

With the details surrounding his death finally flushed out, I’m hoping the show will focus on those still living. With the elections coming up, the family has more immediate concerns to take care of. As things get closer to the end of the year, I imagine the drama over the Friday Fellow’s selection will grow as well. If I had to put money on it, the Professor is going to find their mother once again, and he has no qualms eating what he loves.


Episode 9

It’s nice to see some evidence that this tanuki society actually exists. Other than those bar-goers in episode 1 we havn’t seem much of anyone outside the Ebisugawas and Shimogamos. As is everything in tanuki society, what would appear to be the equivalent of Tanuki primaries is an incredibly traditional ceremony, with a strange tanuki known as the “Center Stone” at the middle of it. Hearing Yasaburo talk to Kaisei about it almost made it seem close to them, like perhaps their grandfather. Considering Yasaburo was able to mess with such an apparently high ranking tanuki and get away with only a scolding might lend some credence to that train of thought.


This entire time, Kaisei has been an enigma. Apparently a talented transformer, she has done a lot to help Yasaburo without letting us even get a glimpse at her. I feel the show was talking it up as if her eventual reveal would be special I guess I only have myself to blame for thinking this would be anything more, her reveal shows she’s nothing more than an ordinary girl. Her chat with Yasaburo was pretty adorable. She knows her brothers are scoundrels, but they’re still family, and only family can insult family. I think whats most interesting to note that to the side of Kinkaku and Ginkaku, there is another line, meaning there must be a fourth child of the Ebisugawa family. Whether that will become relevant in the future is yet to be seen.

We havn’t seen much of Soun, the disowned uncle of the family, but I can see these elections easily bringing him into the spotlight, just as this episode focused on Kaisei. He is a devious man, but foolish just like any other tanuki. It’ll be interesting to see what tricks he’s brought to the Nise-emon elections. Something tells me nomatter what it is, Yaichiro has an uphill battle ahead of him.

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