The Eccentric Family Episode 7


Recap: The boys force the Professor to go take a bath. When most anime would use this kind of set-up for sexy shenanigans, it’s played straight until Kinkaku and Ginkaku come in to deal a heavy truth to the Shimogamo boys.

Nothing like a bath episode to show how little the passage of time matters to this show’s plot. Each of the last three episodes has taken place over the course of a few hours at maximum. I am really proud of this show for taking the high ground and doing a bath episode without ridiculous fanservice, well other than half naked scrawny dudes fanservice. As always, this is more just to show the strange traditionalist mindset Professor Akadama has. He still has his pride, and he used to be of great status, so he is unwilling to be told to go anywhere because of it. I still find his pining for Benten a little creepy, but it does always serve to remind us just how much this man has fallen. It’s also great in showing the Shimogamo’s respect for him. Even Yasaburo, a man who hates tradition, obviously still loves him as his teacher and friend.


While that was very heartwarming, it didn’t make for the most exciting story. It seems that slow and steady is the mindset of this anime, but there are definitely times where it does not benefit from it at all. Thankfully, Kinkaku and Ginkaku come to save the day with their clone army and sumo transformations. It does raise some more concerns about the Ebisugawa family in general. I was willing to believe they just had the money to pay all of those dudes, but the idea that they pay them in liquor is kind of unsettling, like the kind of questionable thing a drug dealer would do. It’s a sign of good writing when just mere information is the biggest moment of the episode. While most of the Ebisugawa’s menace was disarmed by their own stupidity, the blow was struck.


I do find myself feeling a little silly since I just accepted the fact that Yajiro lives in a well without thinking of any greater meaning to it. It seems this episode finally revealed why Yajiro doesn’t want to go out into the real world anymore, he is haunted by guilt. It makes the most sense that he set himself up to listen to other people’s problems, as that allowed him to forget about his own. It would also explain why Benten so often frequents his well, if he was there that night then maybe they simply share in the guilt of Souichiro’s death. After waiting so long, it seems we’ll finally learn the truth of what happened that fateful new year’s eve.


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