The Eccentric Family Episode 10


Recap: As the day of the Nise-emon elections comes around, the Ebisugawa’s spring their trap. As Kaisei comes to warn Yasaburo, she also reveals the truth of the night that claimed his father’s life.


I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this most recent development.  This at least makes sense within what we know about the Ebisugawas already. Still, it would have been much better, at least in my opinion, to keep fault on Yajiro. By passing the blame on to Soun, Yajiro is freed of all guilt, but I felt like that constant guilt was a key part of his character. Without it, what is Yajiro’s importance to the story? I do get the distinct feeling that he’s going to be able to transform back, lines like “There’s no need to capture him.” trip enough flags all on their own to allude to some kind of appearance by him. It would be nice to see him grow out of his purely advisory role and have more of an effect on the story.


From the way it seems, the two brothers were rivals in love and Souichiro came out on top. Even though we know the real story, and the reason behind Soun’s resentment of Souichiro, I don’t understand why this anger extends to his family. It takes a petty personality to hate someone’s family from the actions of one individual. As Yasaburo said, the title of Nise-emon isn’t even as prestigious anymore, so the lengths he is going to secure it are ridiculous.


I’m still surprised that this is only a 13 episode series. With things like the Demon King Cedar Incident still not even known, I’m not quite sure how the plot could finish in just three episodes. I suppose if we never learn about it that would be okay, as right now the story is more focused on the family rivalry, but the way it was talked up when the show first started I thought it would have much more bearing on whats going on. Before the season started, the show was billed more as a kind of Romeo and Juliet-esque drama between two families, and it seems like that is what we’ll be getting from now on.

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