The Wrap-Up: Winter 2014

It’s that time of the year again when all of our contributors get to shine a spotlight on the show they thought to be the very best of the past Winter season, as well as reflect back on the preview to see which shows let us down the most.

Nobunagun Episode 12

The Battleship class Invasion Object isn’t out of the fight just yet. With Sio in its clutches and the rest of the E-Gene holders struggling against the endless onslaught, things aren’t looking as good as planned.

World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 10-11

Turns out there was a giant civil war this entire time and West Udogawa had been the only neutral region thanks to Zvezda’s efforts. However, now that Tokyo’s governor (also Asuta’s father) has brought his special forces to the battlefield, Kate and her followers are easily beaten and forced on the run. With things looking grim, Asuta strengthens his convictions…sort of.

Kill la Kill Episode 23

Ryuko and Satsuki, now allied, take the fight directly to Ragyo. Meanwhile, the Elite Four and Mako do their best to rescue the captured humans as well as protect the flagship from the vicious Life Fiber assault.

Nobunagun Episode 10-11

We gain a brief glimpse into the past DOGOO’s enigmatic commander and her origins. In response to the battleship class Invasion Object’s odd behavior, Sio formulates a plan to take it out in addition to halting their advance.

Kill la Kill Episode 22

Recap With Ryuko back in control of herself, it’s time to deal with Nui and take the fight to Ragyo and the Life Fibers. Before that however, Ryuko needs to come to terms with the reality of her origins and their connection to Satsuki.

Nobunagun Episode 9

After barely fending off the battleship class Invasion Object, an injured Sio is sent back to Japan to rest and recover. Not only does she get the chance to catch up with Asao, she also gets to deal with another Invasion Object incursion on the Japanese coast.

Kill la Kill Episode 20

Ryuko, enraged by recent revelations, casts aside Senketsu and her allies, vowing to kill Ragyo and Nui now once and for all at Honnouji Academy where they’re waiting for her. When the rest of our heroes discover Satsuki’s survival and her location at the same place, they stage their own mission to rescue her before it’s too late.

Nobunagun Episode 8

DOGOO deduces that the Invasion Objects are using a hidden tunnel under South America to quickly move between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Their suspicions confirmed, the tunnel is guarded by a gigantic Invasion Object. Thus the First and Second Platoons are brought together to bring the beat down, assuming their own lack of team solidarity doesn’t bring them down first.

Kill la Kill Episode 19

A month has passed since the traumatic events that occurred at Honnouji Academy. Nudist Beach is in tatters, Satsuki has been imprisoned by Ragyo, and Ryuko refuses to wake up from her coma. With humanity on its last legs, former enemies team up in their final stand against the Life Fibers.

Space Dandy Episode 6-7

In the first episode, Dandy finds himself on an alien planet where two aliens have been locked in an eternal conflict over underwear vs. vests. Desperate to get the two to the alien registry, he and Meow get caught up in the war.

In the second, Dandy decides to enter the galactic grand prix, determined to show up Prince, the uncontested racing champion.

Nobunagun Episode 7

Recap The Invasion Objects seemingly revive the lost Imperial battleship the Yamato, and make an assault on the Panama Canal, intent on invading the Atlantic. Anime America, being the trigger happy blowhards they are, decide to nuke the hell out of it if DOGOO can’t stop it before it reaches the canal.