World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 8



Things get even weirder. Ostensibly a day off for the crew as Asuta’s school gets rebuilt after the chaos of the previous episode, things quickly escalate as White Light springs multiple traps to bring down the isolated members.

Gee’s Thoughts

 Honest to God, I really have no clue what is going on in this show anymore. I think I’m basically just watching it because after 8 episodes, I couldn’t really just go and drop it. So we get some more backstory in the form of Goro’s old acquaintances and glimpses of his old life. Thankfully, Goro continues to prove he’s the best damn character in this show. Whether he’s getting into awesome back-to-back fights with a former-gangster now-baker armed with a rolling pin, or getting into crazy explosion fights with White Light’s commander, his antics never fail to entertain me. 


Alas, the rest of this episode’s narrative development made little to no sense to me. So we know that Asuta’s dad is in fact the true big bad. And now apparently Goro’s family is involved? Based on the flashbacks and reveals, there are like, at least three different girls who all look identical to Itsuka, but are all somehow connected to Goro? It doesn’t help that anime usually suffers pretty badly from sameface in general, but when you give them all the same eyes and hair color, you honestly should not expect anyone to have even a remote clue of what is going on. I think they’re related? I literally have no clue. I’m usually pretty good at staying on the ball with most anime’s usually convoluted narrative development, but Zvezda’s getting nonsensical to the point where I have trouble understand what I’m even watching.

That said, some excellent animation this week. Goro’s fights were pretty fun to watch and while they’re not particularly unique in their execution compared to say, Gainax’s best work or something from Ryo Timo, there’s an undeniable technical quality to them that make them entertaining to watch, if not distinctive. With things seemingly going in a more dramatic direction in the future, it’ll be interesting to see how Zvezda maintains its tonality. I’m already confused enough as to what kind of show it wants to be, so at this point, anything could happen.

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