World Conquest Zvezda Plot Episode 6



The Zvezda crew infiltrate Asuta’s school in an attempt to uncover a supposedly mysterious artifact that will aid anyone who desires to conquer the world.

Gee’s Thoughts

Yes, after 6 episodes, Zvezda has finally committed the most generic of anime cliches, introducing the rest of the main cast to the school setting. Kate and Roboko obviously don’t fit in! They’re an elementary school girl and a robot! Nobody notices! So wacky!

Yes, it’s exactly as boring and contrived as you imagined it to be. To be fair, seeing Goro disguised on campus as a statue bust was pretty hilarious.


In the end, it’s revealed that the supposed treasure was all a plot set by White Light to trap Kate’s and her minions at the school where they can somehow deactivate their powers and wipe them out. More interestingly I think, is that this is the first episode that did not resolve itself within a single episode, but instead seems to be shaping up into some sort of mini arc. With my constantly complaint about Zvezda not having anything resembling actual narrative direction, this episode may signify an actual shift toward some kind of endgame. At only 13 episodes, it makes sense that the show would want to start moving in that direction. However, what that direction is remains to be seen. While Zvezda has mostly skirted below my average expectations of competence for a show, perhaps an ongoing plot would actually help give the anime some foundation to work with. At the same time, I find that getting my hopes up in such a manner only leads to disappointment. I suppose only time will tell how things go from here.

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