Nobunagun Episode 13 and Final Impressions



In Nobunagun’s ridiculous finale, the E-Gene holders deal the final blow to the Invasion Object vanguard. Ridiculous historical liberties are taken, bad guys are beaten, and Nobunagun continues to be one of the nuttiest shows of the season.

Gee’s Thoughts

Things get patently insane this week as we finish off Nobunagun. So yes, turns out Nobunagun decided to take the craziest route possible, and tell us with a straight face that Florence Nightingale, founder of modern nursing, was also moonlighting as Jack the Ripper, killing whores with a steampunk death lantern. Turns out that all those women that Jack the Ripper killed were actually people infected with some kind of biological weapon. Whether said bacteria was explicitly Invasion Object cells or just typical 19th century bioterrorism, I didn’t really gather, but either way, it’s utterly ridiculous. What this means is that Adam can actually channel two different power sets. On one hand, he possesses the power of Jack the Ripper because that’s how history has decided to remember the figure, but since he also possesses the genes of Florence Nightingale, he also has those powers as well. In some ways, I think it’s horribly twisted to justify a famous serial killer’s actions as for the good of mankind, on the other, it’s so hilariously insane that I can’t help but laugh at the very notion. Leave it to Nobunagun to be delightfully mad to the bitter end.


As Sio and Adam deal with the Battleship class Invasion Object, we jump back to the others dealing with the smaller ones. Thanks to Hunter’s formula, they’re effortlessly dealt with, but before the aliens transporting the original cells can be stopped, they face another gigantic Invasion Object. Honestly, there’s no point in me even summarizing how they deal with it. Just know that it’s pretty fucking cool. Long story short, both the teams dealing with their respective giant aliens use the awesome power of teamwork to take down their foes. It’s parts like these that make me really enjoy Nobunagun. Every character gets their moment to shine and the show does a great job of letting everyone utilize their unique powers to help in bringing down the bad guys. Just one example is Gaudi creating ramps for Cyx who’s carrying Geronimo to get closer to the alien, then Cyx turning her motorcycle into an accelerated launch platform, finally shooting Geronimo at the alien like some kind of artillery shell of blades and berserker fury. I assure you, it looks even cooler than it sounds.


Also, poor Hunter. He deserves way better than to pine after that Galileo girl who’s attracted to that dick Vidocq of all people. Talk about terrible taste in men.

That aside, with the aliens beaten for now, it seems like humanity has finally gained the upper hand. Still, the Invasion Objects are still lurking out there, and it’s only a matter of time before they come back. Still, with the original cells destroyed, their ability to evolve and adapt has been significantly hampered. And even more satisfying, we get a concrete conclusion to Sio and Adam’s budding relationship as they admit their feelings for each other. Let me tell you, for a Shonen anime to actually wrap up its romance subplot in the span of 13 episodes is crazy. Just goes to show Nobunagun is crazy in more ways than one. A shame the anime is ending here, I would have loved to see the adventures of the newly formed battle couple. Still, I’m happy with what we got.


Final Impressions

Gee’s Impressions

Nobunagun was probably the biggest surprise of the season for me. Coming out of nowhere, I didn’t really know what to expect from it. But then I watched as a girl obsessed with military hardware summoned a giant minigun from the genes of famous warlord Oda Nobunaga. Then she fought aliens, sprouted more guns, and blew everything up. Throw in the awesomely terrible OP and a plot that remembered to always keep things fun, Nobunagun, like Kill la Kill, never forgot to keep things entertaining. Whether it was the supporting cast of violent sex maniacs and violent regular maniacs, the awesome ways Sio would overcome the alien menace, or the never ending vibe that Nobunagun was like a Saturday morning cartoon, it was a ball to watch from start to finish.

Expanding on that last point, Nobunagun’s biggest strength was definitely its old-school kid’s show vibe. Sio’s a great main character, but her supporting cast made the show all the better. With a cast of such varied powers and abilities, it did a great job of utilizing everyone in a useful manner, giving everyone a chance to shine or showing off their synergy as a team. Sure, turning your arm into a rocket powered tomahawk is cool, but do you what’s even cooler? Riding your best friend who turned into a motorcycle off a sick ramp made by your other teammate and lodging your sweet axe in that stupid alien’s face at mach 5. It’s those kinds of moments that make it really shine.


In the end, there’s not much more for me to say. Don’t take that as an indicator that I found Nobunagun lacking, but more a testament to its beautiful simplicity. Despite its simple premise and monster-of-the-week execution, it’s is a great example of a show that’s just plain fun. I can’t imagine how I could ever get bored watching when it did such a great job of keeping things interesting. Nobunagun isn’t trying to change the world or teach us a lesson, it’s about an awesome girl with an awesome gun fighting alien invaders with her crazy teammates. And in the end, there’s nothing wrong with a show that tries to provide that, and succeeds in spades. In a season crowded with noteworthy shows, it might not have made the biggest splash, but I’ll remember the good times I had with the crazy little show that came out of nowhere.

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