A Very GLORIO 2015: Marlin Thinks Love is Over

Last year I was blessed with some great romance shows that made up for just how few had been released, but this year I have to strain to string together more than two or three shows together where romance was the most appealing factor. Still, there were a few really good things to talk about. Snow White remained captivating and adorable all the way to the break, and Yamada-kun’s heartfelt romance almost made up for it’s runaway train of a final stretch. With all that, I’ll try to stick to my niche as much as I can before going off the deep end once the Ero-Kawaii-tier Awards start flying around.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 11

Yamada’s life is falling apart in the aftermath of the Seventh Witch’s power, but he’s determined to do whatever it takes to reverse it. Concerned that he is getting too close to the true secret about the witches, the Student Council starts taking drastic measures to stop him.

OP/ED Op-Eds: The Best of Spring 2015

‘Tis finally the season for annoying summer hits, so let’s all stay inside and reflect on the good old days before the calypso beats took over. Only it’s not the early 2000’s anymore and this is an anime blog, so the music isn’t going to be that much better. Especially since this season has been positively gasping for decent shows and decent songs to go with them, so don’t be surprised if you’re going to get a bit of déjà vu from this here feature. For what they’re worth, these are our favourite anime songs from the past season.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 9

Maria decides she no longer wants her power and enlists Yamada’s help. He tracks down a so-called “Witch Killer” named Tamaki to remove it, but as always there are demands to be met and Student Council politics to navigate. Before Maria’s power can be removed, Yamada sees a glimpse of a future he is determined to change.

The Half Time Show: Spring 2015

The smell of hot dogs, the noise of conversation and the breeze from the occasional girder falling from the sky. That’s right, it’s the half time show! The Glorio Rabble have put their heads together to let you know what’s worth your valuable time, in a world where first episodes are high budget and mid-season turns filler if left out in the sun too long.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 6

While the rest of the club enjoys their Summer retreat, Yamada is stuck in remedial classes with a small group of other students. Shiraishi tries to swap bodies and bail him out, but their plan falls apart when they encounter the Third Witch.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 4

With Yamada’s help, Shiraishi bonds with her friends on a school trip. Things seem to be going well between the two until Yamada gets tangled in Odagiri’s latest plot to improve her standing with the Student Council President.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 3

Ito convinces Yamada and Miyamura to help obtain a club budget from the Student Council. Unfortunately the Student Council President has his own agenda and will only grant their request if they can get Shiraishi to change a major life decision.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 2

Yamada and Shiraishi’s situation gets more complicated when another student legitimately wants to join The Supernatural Research Club. They have no choice but to try and play along, but can they keep their secret with a new member around?