Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 8


“You’re So Annoying”

Sundays at 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

The club finds the Fifth Witch who appears to be using her power to turn other first year students into delinquents. Yamada confronts her, her gang, and even the Student Council President in his search for answers.

Jel’s thoughts

My fears are coming true as this episode felt even more rushed than the last one. Kicking off with an info dump that, once again, the characters have no good reason for knowing was not a good start. The episode went on and Yamada’s perception of Noa’s motivation kept changing every few minutes, making it impossible to get too invested in her character. It was the same deal with her gang, who all supposedly had some deep trauma driving them that was never touched on. I’m not saying we need all the gory details (unless they are as bizarrely hilarious as Noa’s) but if the show can’t be bothered to demonstrate their motivation, why should we care? It makes me very curious as to how much time was spent on each witch in the manga. I could be wrong, but I get the impression this all had more time to cook.


It’s too bad because I also think if this episode did have time to develop properly, it could have been very compelling. Yamada’s reaction to seeing the club room smashed up was actually kind of powerful. We all know he’s a big softee deep down, but it’s nice to see it confirmed sometimes. I’ve mentioned before the moral ambiguity of the Supernatural Club, which escalated quickly from cheating on tests to flat out kidnapping and ransom demands. It’s interesting because you’re always still rooting for the Club to succeed, even when they are going down a very wrong path. You know their heart is the in right place so rather than judge you just kind of wince and wait for them to sort things out.

With 4 episodes and 2 witches remaining there’s still a little room for a break in the Witch hunting, which appears to be where we’re headed next week. I’m all for spending some time with the characters we have before moving forward. We’ve amassed so many new faces, even beyond the witches, that some time to enjoy them is badly needed. Of course I’d also be in favor of just ditching the last two and spending the rest of the time focused on Yamada and Shiraishi, but maybe that’s just me.

3 thoughts on “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 8

  1. They compressed too many things into one episode. You may as well read the manga and think of the anime as the Reader’s Digest abridged edition.

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