Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 5


“You Musn’t Kiss Her, Okay?”

Sundays at 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Shiraishi considers the evidence and figures out the nature of Yamada’s power. Yamada’s conflict with Odagiri is compounded by his past history with Ushio, his Best Frenemy who has been by her side since school began.

Jel’s thoughts

This episode reminded us that the overall plot is not Yamada-kun’s strong point. Having hit a point where the story needs to advance, it was all too convenient to have a long lost book appear from nowhere to explain the situation. I’m sure it will be even more convenient when “volume 2” of the old Supernatural Club newsletter shows up. I guess I shouldn’t expect much from a show that is entirely based on somehow accidentally kissing someone and there is a certain implied fate/destiny thing going on, but come on. Even Shiraishi figuring out Yamada’s power, while technically possible, felt like taking the easy way out.


Fortunately Yamada-kun is all about the characters and relationships, and this was another great episode in that regard. Yamada continues to be a likable, stand up guy even when he needs a little nudging to do the right thing. I was impressed how he stood up to Odagiri and didn’t give her proposition a second thought. Shiraishi has also been great as the one giving Yamada that nudge when necessary. Whether it was going to find Odagiri or finding the other Witches in general, she hasn’t hesitated to set him straight. I’ve been loving their relationship so much that I’m going to make a bold claim: their romance is the best of the season, yes, even over the adorable My Love Story. Their mutual desire to make each other happy really shined through when Yamada quickly gave up on trying to lie about his power change. It’s true that they haven’t been totally open about it, but their relationship makes so much sense that I’m not bothered by that at all.

For the first time ever I can also happily report this episode was Fan Service free, as it should be. I will gladly put up with clunky plot devices if it means we don’t have to see people getting groped or sloppy kiss spit trails. That said, we may be in for more of those as there are 5 witches to find and presumably 5 episodes left in the season to do so. I really hope they find a more clever way to discover the others than “here’s the next volume of the club newsletter!” but if we continue to get the great character development and relationships we had up until now, I guess I don’t care what they do.


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