Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 10

yamada10a“Please Go Out With Me”

Sundays at 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

The Yamada Rollercoaster Finale continues on as Yamada quickly learns the identity of the last witch. However, it comes with a terrible price.

Marlin’s Thoughts

Yamada and Shiraishi’s relationship has developed so well that I can’t wait for whatever inevitable bullshit keeps them apart as long as their chemistry is still fantastic. that’s about exactly what happens this episode, as the two. As always, there’s the weird duality of Yamada being pretty despicable, as when he tries to strip a girl in front of her own brother, and then being instantly adorable when Shiraishi is the potential victim. Superb against-type acting by Miyuki Sawashiro as possessed by Yamada, basically bringing back her Inaban voice for this performance. I feel like her inclusion is another case of really bizarre storytelling used to accelerate the plot. It’s fine that Miyamura may not want to use his sister because of her apparently violent behavior (despite the fact that she cuts that out almost immediately), but to not tell the gang about her until now, despite the fact that he apparently knew she knows every witch? It’s absolute madness, and it just seems like another convenient stepping stone on the way to Yamada-kun‘s finale.


I am a bit bothered by the seeming plot hole of Yamada and Tamaki both falling victim to Rika’s spell. From everything we’ve been told, the powers require a kiss, and the kiss powers just straight up don’t work on those two. How, then, can she possibly wipe out everyone’s memories of those two? Don’t get me wrong, the development afterwards was played pretty well. I do like that it gives us more time with Tamaki, as his rushed introduction didn’t really give him a whole lot of time to flesh out as a character. Still, from the very beginning it didn’t make sense that Yamada, or Leona for starters, should think her powers would wipe out the affected’s memories. Things have just been so structured until now that this break from the formula is jarring. What’s more, it just seems to be there for the purposes of driving home the finale. Oh well, that’s how things are, I guess we’re just going to have to take it as such.


Considering all the problems that happened after the memories of Yamada were removed, it doesn’t make much sense to me that the president got rid of them in the first place. Yamada is a non-issue, and the rules surrounding all this witch stuff are dumb anyway. However, it seems the good president is one of those “The rules must always be followed” kind of sticklers. What I don’t get is why Yamada also can’t just try to reassimilate himself into the group afterwards. If he wants to go so far as asking Shiraishi out, why can’t he just work himself back in naturally? I do like this idea that the show seems to be separating memories from emotions. It’s a neat way of getting around the idea that everyone should have no memory of him by having those close to him be reminded simply by their emotional bonds.

2 thoughts on “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 10

  1. If they didn’t bloody rush the story, I would have found this episode more enjoyable. This was, as you may have suspected, the chapters with the most impact in the first half of the manga. Yamada and his friends accepting that Yamada would lose his memories and making preparations, only to have his entire world flipped over.

    Oh well, at least Hibike Euphonium was phenomenal this week.

    • Yeah, the continual 100 meter dash to the finish line is a bit disappointing, but at least Yamada and Shiraishi are still adorable.

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