Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches Episode 11


“What Did You Do With Shiraishi!?!”

Sundays at 12:30 pm EST on Crunchyroll

Yamada’s life is falling apart in the aftermath of the Seventh Witch’s power, but he’s determined to do whatever it takes to reverse it. Concerned that he is getting too close to the true secret about the witches, the Student Council starts taking drastic measures to stop him.

Jel’s Thoughts

WAIT. So you’re telling me the Witches are actually Dragon Balls? I can’t decide if the wish thing is an amazing turn of events or the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Maybe both? At least we now have a reason for all the the Student Council’s behind the scenes shenanigans, which is more than we can say for most of the plot points in the second half of Yamada-kun. This was definitely an episode that tried to pack in too much, but when I really think about it did we need to see him fight with each witch and try to get them to kiss him? I think I was OK with leaving that to a montage.


I was also cool with seeing Invisible Dude actually be useful and Odagiri finally decide to do the right thing for once. As much as I love her and Ushio as kind of an evil foil to Shiraishi and Yamada, it was probably for the best for her to come clean now that there are real antagonists to deal with. The President and Ninja Kana Hanzawa (I’d remember their names but mine are better) are much more believable villains anyway. More importantly it put a bow on her little crush so that we can be 100% clear this is about Yamada and Shiraishi and not a harem deal. It was both heartbreaking and adorable to see Shiraishi’s continued fascination with Yamada despite losing her memories. You just can’t fight good chemistry. I’m not going to go all “true love” on everyone here, but if you naturally get along with someone because of who they are then that wouldn’t change no matter the circumstances. I continue to find that refreshing in light of so many fictional romances starting out antagonistic, but I’ve been over that before.

It’s true Yamada-kun has been packing in tons of content recently but in the end it’s left us cheering for Yamada to get the girl, or the girl to get him, for them to get each other, however you want to spin it. Given the series track record, I’m sure it won’t be something as simple as finding Shiraishi locked in a broom closet somewhere after Ninja Kana Hanazawa stole her body. I’ll also be curious to see what Yamada wishes for when he inevitably gets all the girls (plus Invisible Dude) together. The obvious answer is to wish for everyone’s memory to come back but he can do that with a kiss, so not sure where they’re headed with that. Maybe he’ll just refuse to use the power at all? Whatever the outcome I’m just hoping it won’t be too rushed and we can get the satisfying conclusion this series deserves.

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