All Your Monies: July 30th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. Lifesong continues to be elusive, but the rest of us are ready to go. Also this week, SPECIAL BONUS FIGURE.

Houki Shinonono Akatsubaki (Infinite Stratos)
Amiami, August 2013, 14,850 JPY

Dragonzigg: This thing looks incredible, and pretty much hits all of my figure weakspots – cute girl, ridiculously over the top mecha armour including sweet wings, and an awesome aerial pose. However, Infinite Stratos was a pretty awful show, and that price is an utter joke. Not comfortable with the idea of a year long preorder either.

Jel: This very ambitious figure caught my attention last WonFes and I pretty much feel the same way Zigg does. As much as I hate IS the designs were cool enough I would consider buying a figure of Houki or Laura. At this price though, this is not one of them.

Timmy: Ok, so while I hated IS with a passion, I couldn’t even make it through the first episode,  every time I look at this I want to get it a little bit more. I mean my goodness does she look great in all that mech armor. This thing is huge and would make a great centerpiece in any mech girl collection regardless of whether you like the origins or not. But then there is both the price and the long wait to contend with. I can understand the wait as it is much easier to go with a later date from the start then ride the delay train. As for price? Yea it could be a bit lower but you probably already know if you are buying this or not. Personally, I will probably keep an eye on her next fall and maybe grab her if she goes on sale after release. Shipping is going to be a bitch though…

Aquagaze: I didn’t even know that Infinite Stratos was about mecha. Of course, this being Infinite Staros, this mecha suit covers all of the body with the exception of the breasts and stomach. Oh, anime. Plastic-wise, this is a really nice, badass-looking sculpt, yet those hovering bits don’t look all to sturdy. Just remember kids, the more money you spend on this, the bigger the chance that you’ll somehow reward the creators of IS for unleashing this animated abomination upon us.

Iro: SURPRISE I’m surprise covering for Lifesong this week without telling anyone surprise such-and-such. I didn’t watch Infinite Stratos and I don’t collect plastic, but this thing has lot of spikes and that mecha musume flavor. If you enjoy that sort of thing, feel free to spend an exorbitant amount of your hard earned cash on this plastic statue of a tiny girl.

Figma Princess of the Crystal/Himari Takakura + Penguins (Mawaru Penguindrum)
Max Factory, August, 3560JPY 

Dragonzigg: This is kind of a cheat, since POTC here originally went up for preorder waaay back, but due to delays a second preorder wave went out. I had to include her just because she’s amazing- incredible detail, great reproduction on that frilly cape and glossy boots, and perfect faces. The three penguins are essential, and the fact GSC didn’t include them with their large scale POTC was inexplicable.

Jel: Of GSC’s three versions of the Princess I think this one is the best value. The scale figure is nice but expensive and the lack of penguins hurts. The nendoroid is cute but well, it’s a nendo. This seems like a good balance. I preordered this the instant it became available and I have been patiently waiting for it since.

Timmy: Eh? Why haven’t I ordered this yet? I have nothing next month so screw it, just preordered. You should too.

Aquagaze: Survival strategy! Himari’s princess suit looks fabulous as even and the three penguins are about as much fun you can get for half a cubic meter of plastic. Her usually zoomed in upon “Survival Strategy!” face looks a bit over the top, when it’s seen as part of an actual body, though. Maybe a more natural expression would have been the way to go here.

Iro: I didn’t watch this show either, but I guess if you like 13 year old girls in poofy fetish gear then this is your thing!

Kerry Kiritsugu Emiya (Fate/Zero)
Max Factory, December,5320JPY

Dragonzigg: This is a very unique pose, and Kerry effortlessly radiates cool here, helped by the nice suggestion of motion from the blowing coat. Too bad his character design is so boring.

Jel: I believe this is a re-release of an earlier figure that caught my attention when it was originally released. There is a matching Saber Zero as well that looks really nice with it. Kiritsugu looks really cool and the price is good, but I’ll be filling my Fate/Zero needs with the figmas.

Timmy: He looks pretty damn cool but there really isn’t that much here. I guess that is shown in the lower price though, although the intention is that you also buy his counterpart, Saber. I should also note that he probably looks pretty good standing next to GSC’s Saber Motored Cuirassier if you want to go that route.

Aquagaze: I think the designer accidentally left this prototype at home, causing his little cousin to draw a beard on in with a ballpoint pen. What a waste of this badass sculpt. But look at it the other way: At least the kid chose the right character to desecrate. Isn’t that right, Iro?

Iro: It’s that guy who 90% of the viewership apparently hated. He also has the Thompson Contender and is standing in a pose that no human actually stands in. So par for the course for figures, I guess.

Nendoroid Nanoha Takamachi Excellion Mode Ver. (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A’s)
Good Smile Company, November, 3000JPY

Dragonzigg: Jesus Christ not another one.

Jel: I have no idea how this is different from the previous Nanoha nendoroid, someone please enlighten me.

Timmy:She is cute, yet she feels quite unnecessary. I guess there are some small differences of her uniform between the two shows that justify the change but apparently this is much more noticeable on Fate then Nanoha. I would hope she at least comes with some extra cool stuff for those double dippers who got to catch them all.

Actually, now that I compare the two this looks like a much nicer Nendoroid in general. In short, if you got the first the second is a little unnecessary for you. If you don’t have and want to get a Nanoha Nendo, get this second one.

Aquagaze: Obligatory Nanoha figure of the week? Time to bring out my obligatory Linkin Park nendos joke of the week – no, never mind, that would be about as uncalled for as this figure.


Figma Tsubasa Kazanari (Senki Zesshō Symphogear )
Max Factory, November, 2850JPY

Dragonzigg: I was not a huge fan of Symphogear and its stripperiffic battle armour but I have to admit this figma looks damn cool and it’s an excellent reproduction of the show design. There’s something about it that looks better in 3D like this. Maybe it’s because plastic can’t go off model.

Jel: Wow this is one awesome looking figma. I felt the same way about the Accel World figmas: I am almost, ALMOST tempted to buy them because they look so cool, but I really don’t care for the source material. This will look great on someone’s (probably Lifesong) shelf.

Timmy: I must admit, while I know nothing of the source material, I think this girl looks great and I am even tempted a bit to get her myself. I don’t think you can go wrong getting this especially if you like babes in futuristic, exposing battle armor. As for me this is going on the “If I have money to burn” list.

Aquagaze: LEEEEESTEN TO MY SOOOOOOOOOOONG! The angstiest not-lesbian since Fate Testarossa and her ridiculous music-note shaped hair arrive in plastic version while looking pretty damn great, although I’m pretty sure they sized down her breasts a few cup sizes. Not that the size was consistent in the show or anything. Too bad she doesn’t come with title cards for her attacks or a little button on her back that sings. I also just remebered that I never watched the last episode of Symphogear, and nothing of value was lost.

Iro: This show was ridiculous and all of its merch is ridiculous by proxy. Otherwise you can just scroll up to that first figure and read what I wrote there.

Beach Queens Kuroyukihime (Accel World)
Wave, Jan 2013, 3100JPY

Dragonzigg: I have a natural thing against swimsuit figures, so while I like the Beach Queens idea of a small, cheap, easily collectible set of scale figures, I’ve never bitten, and Kuroyukihime here won’t change that. The hair looks nice and it’s faithful to the original design, but the lack of clothes accentuates her ridiculous hourglass body even more and that suit is far, far too brief for my tastes.

Jel: SPEAKING OF ACCEL WORLD… there are so many great options for Kuroyukihime figures in the works unless you are the most diehard fan, strapped for cash, or really need to see her in a swimsuit I can’t see why you would want this.

Timmy: Loving Kuroyukihime’s face, hair, and maybe legs and feet here. Everything else? Nope. Her top is way too small and she needs to put some meat on that belly. You aren’t  going to puff up that chest if you keep not cleaning your plate, girl.

Aquagaze: She has anorexia. That is the tiniest bikini I have ever seen since Kuroko’s from Railgun, and that one was played for laughs. Those ahoge will break off. Accel World is lazy wish-fulfilment. Beach Queens are stupid. Why am I here?

Iro: Isn’t she supposed to be like 14 at most? She also looks creepy and extremely malnourished.

BONUS – Beach Queen Palm Tree (Like, every beach episode ever)
Wave, 750JPY

Dragonzigg: Best figure ever 10/10

Jel: Quite possibly the most versatile, economical, and dare I say beautiful figure I’ve seen to date. Looking at those detailed leaves and trunk markings you can practically smell the sea air and feel the ocean waves gently frothing across your toes in the warm sand. Add in the fact that the trunk length is adjustable and THAT PRICE?!?!? Easily the Best Figure of 2012.

Timmy: Funny thing, I may actually buy a few of these to give to my parents for their beach themed cabin.  These would probably look pretty snazzy sitting on the bar.

Aquagaze: Sometimes, even a cynical twat such as myself has to yield. I have never shown any interest in collecting figures, but now I know that I was wrong. As an anime fan – no, as a human, I have the obligation to not only acknowledge, but quiver in praise in front of this masterpiece. This “figure” – if I can even call it that – is truly the apex of human craftsmanship. 750 yen worth of pure glory molded by human hands, blood, sweat and tears. Now I have realized that only this small niche of humans that collects figures can appreciate this shivering coup de grace, I know that my entire life has been a mistake. Have no fear, oh Wave. I shall change my ways.

Iro: If plants make you hot, then buy away.

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