The Best and Worst of Summer WonFes 2012

Zigg’s Picks

The Best

Alter’s 1/8 Princess of the Crystal (Mawaru Penguindrum)

Zigg’s Thoughts: I held of ordering GSC’s scale POTC in the hope something better would come along and my faith was rewarded as Alter unveiled this stunning version. I love the more snooty, dismissive look they’ve gone with as well as the motion they’ve injected into that massive poofy skirt. There’s a nasty join in the leg/torso area that was also an issue with the GSC version, but it’s just a prototype. Could not be more excited to see it really come to life when it’s painted.

Aqua’s Thoughts: If you thought the version of Himari we featured on last week’s All Your Monies was a beauty, take a look at this stunner. This pose shows the wacky Princess of The Castle in all her fabulous fetish glory. An explosion of poofy skirt trails from the ludicrously detailed torso of this snooty little lady. Too bad she doesn’t come with any penguins. Also, my colour is yellow green now. Deal with it. I hate lime.

Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Lucy Heartfilia  (Fairy Tail)

Zigg’s Thoughts :I’ve only gotten into Fairy Tail reasonably recently but I’m loving every second of it, and as such it’s the perfect time for me for one of the big companies to step up to the the plate and give us a new figure line. This is a fantastic figure by GSC, really capturing Lucy’s energy and personality into a static sculpt. I love the hair, the outfit and the general movement of the pose. Hoping this leads to a full line with the boys as well, not just more bishoujo eye candy.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Fairy Tail figures have been a long time coming and it’s cool to see that this Lucy looks great.

Jel’s Thoughts: I’ve avoided Fairy Tail as I’m just not interested in Shonen shows. This figure makes me actually think about watching it. Mission accomplished!

Aqua’s Thoughts: I am a huge fan of Fairy Tail. It avoids most of the shounen pitfalls by being extremely fast-paced and fun as heck. It’s hardly surprising that Lucy is the first one of the guild to get a figure, but then again, it’s not hard to see why. Her quirky grin, spunky ponytail, ready for action pose and the nice bag hanging from her shoulder all perfectly encapsulate what Lucy is all about: She may be the guild idol and the show’s resident fanservice character, she can kick just as much ass as her male mates. Remarkably, though, her signature whip is missing. Now bring on my Natsu, Gray, Erza (cue one hundred different figures), Wendy and the rest of the crew, please!

The Worst

Alter’s Akari Akaza (YuruYuri)

Zigg’s Thoughts: It’s by Alter, so it goes without saying this is a wonderful sculpt, filled with terrific detail, poise and energy, and there’s little doubt that the finished product will be of the highest possible quality. But really Alter, you’re going to make a figure of one of the most boring characters with one of the most boring designs from one of the most boring shows currently around? When there’s so many better, more beautiful things you could be making? It’s a waste of time, money and, most importantly, talent.

ItsaTimmy’s Thoughts You thinking this is a boring character from boring show is something I don’t have a problem with Zigg, but calling this a waste of time, money, and talent is something I strongly disagree with. This is exactly the kind of character that is right up Alter’s alley. They often pick up characters that few other companies give the time of day and make beautiful pieces of them and that is just one of the many reasons I love them as a figure company. This Akari will no doubt look great and will sell well, not to mention it will be THE Akari figure to have for fans of the show. I can hardly consider that a waste.

Lifesong’s Thoughts This is a beautiful sculpt. Alter really does a great job bringing Akari to life and she is not even painted yet. This is a figure I would have picked up in a heartbeat a few years ago. At this point buying figures means selling older figures or stuffing them onto a bottom shelf somewhere. I’ve become a lot more picky with what I buy lately and generally speaking normal school girls no mater how cute just don’t cut it, but damn is she cute.

Jel’s Thoughts: *YAAAAWWWNN* While I will avoid attacking the show itself, I do agree with Zigg in that I wish Alter would tackle something with a more interesting design. But hey, if you have to make an Akarin figure you might as well do it right and this looks perfect for what it is.

Aqua’s picks

The Best

Max Factory’s 1/7 Hacker (7th Dragon 2020)

I don't know who you are, or where you are from, but baby... I love you.

Aqua’s Thoughts: 7th Dragon 2020 is apparently a rather mediocre PSP dungeon crawler, but who cares where this beauty is from? Hacker’s design (by Supercell member Shirow Miwa) finds itself drop-dead in the center between Emily The Strange, Tim Burton and Hajime Ueda’s works for Bakemonogatari, and makes for an absolutely jaw-dropping design that doesn’t even yell “huge nerd” at first look. The details in the frills, the haughty pose, the matte finish, the terrific pigtails, the plateau shoes, the stuffed toy, the neatly detailed shiny crown… seriously, do I need to continue?

Jel’s Thoughts: Man first the Samurai and now this, I am loving the character designs from this game. Samurai is already up and pretty pricey, I imagine Hacker will follow suit. I’m sure some collector with more disposable income than me will enjoy them.

Alter’s 1/8 Amane Suzuha (Steins;Gate)

A fat-bottomed girl who wants to ride her bicycle. You did not get this reference.

Aqua’s Thoughts: Ohaaaaa!  The part-time warrior arrives on her trusty bicycle as a perfect opportunity for Alter to show off just what they are capable of. The bike itself looks insanely realistic, up to and including insanely detailed brake chords and flimsy spokes. Suzuha herself could do with some more expression, but her sporty design shines ever the more. I love the glossy finish on her bike shorts. That had better be DOKUTA PEPPA in that cup, PART-TIME WARRIOR! FUUUHAHAHAHAHA!

Lifesong’s Thoughts: This would have been one of my two picks but I was too slow and claiming it thanks to being away at Otakon. I often joke with my friends how my favorite character in a work is usually not the most popular one and often a fairly obscure one who has no shot at getting a decent figure. Well damn was I wrong in this case. I’ll be stalking the figure sites till this one comes out because I NEED this on my shelf.

The Worst

Kotobukiya’s entire Co-Poche line (The Idolm@ster, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Oreimo, and a bunch of other franchises that print money)

Rated R for Really friggin' creepy.

Aqua’s Thoughts: How to not try to cash in on the success of Nendoroids in three easy steps:

  1. Make the figures posable and tiny, so that they are more joint than anything else.
  2. Make the figures barely detailed and finished with quality equal to that of a 100¥ gashapon figurine.
  3. Give the figures an eye-cancer inducing, stoned-looking, creepy face that stares into your soul.

Good job, Kotobukiya. Good job.

Timmy’s picks

The Best

Kotobukiya’s 1/6 Sakuya Fire Version (Shining Blade)

Timmy’s Thoughts: Holy crap is this sculpt ever pretty. I am a huge fan of figures that are surrounded by stuff. Sometimes its a chain swirling around them, sometimes its a cord leading to their gutiar, but most often it is hair. In this case it is hair and some FIRE! Not to mention it is Tony Taka’s art to boot! I can’t wait to see this painted. I do wish she was a bit smaller though but at this size I guess she would make an impressive centerpiece to my mainly 1/8th collection.

Good Smile Company’s 1/8 Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois (Dog Days)

Timmy’s Thoughts: Well this is a nice surprise and in color no less. I am a pretty big sucker for Leo’s design and GSC has done a great job with her here. She looks like a total badass. You would do well to churn out the rest of the characters in this series GSC, you are on a good track record thus far. I should note though that If Leo’s Nendo was displayed atop her feathered mount that would be here instead.

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Looks great, give the entire cast in armor and my money is all yours Good Smile.

The Worst

Alter’s 1/8 Charles D’Artagnan (Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls)

Timmy’s Thoughts: There wasn’t really anything I saw there that disappointed me nearly as much as what I didn’t see there. Not even some form of announcement? Really? Come on Alter, we’ve got to hurry up and finish this shit! I should mention that not seeing Gisen painted was also a bit disappointing considering she has been preorderable for a little while now.

Aqua’s Thoughts: The only reason why this is taking so long, Timmy, is because you are literally the only person who still cares about Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls.

Lifesong’s Picks

The Best

Griffon Enterprises’s Misaki Mei (Another)

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Griffon have a mixed track record so I’m never really too excited when I hear they pick up something I want to see in figure form. I’ve been cautiously optimistic to see some good results out of them on Misaki Mei since last WonFes and now that we have a prototype I will admit I am beginning to get hyped. I am still waiting on the paint job before I go totally nuts here but I like the sculpt and can’t wait to see more.

Aqua’s Thoughts: Two figures for the price of one! While the pose is a bit static, it’s great to see Mei’s creepy doll sister coming with it in its coffin. A lot will depend on the paintjob, but it’s a nice design overall that encapsulates the creepy vibes Another induced well. Or at least the creepy vibes Another tried to induce.

Zigg’s Thoughts: It’s a really bold, interesting design, but I’m not sure I could live with displaying a girl in a coffin on my shelves.

Kotobukiya’s Kuroyukihime (Accel World)

Lifesong’s Thoughts: Best thing at the show hands down, maybe tied with Alter’s Amane Suzuha but this here is easily my favorite thing from the event. I held off on buying into the Figmas hoping for something good from a scalled static and damn did Kotobukiya deliver. The painted prototype can’t come soon enough.

The Worst

AmiAmi Zero’s Hinako (Isshoni Training Ofuro)

Lifesong’s Thoughts I just don’t understand why figures for this even exist.

Aqua’s Thoughts: I wish I could have given this one a better look in order to give a sound verdict, but sadly enough, I am now blind. That bottle of bleach was just too nearby when I first saw this.

Zigg’s Thoughts: TINY HEAD

Jel’s Picks

The Best

Good Smile Company’s Professor Nendoroid (Nichijou)


Jel’s Thoughts: I made my choices based not only looks but whether I’d be likely to buy it. The one thing I saw that I am 100% guaranteed no further discussion definitely purchasing is the Professor Nendoroid. I don’t need to see whatever accessories or extra faces she has, she has Sakamoto and a roll cake and that’s good enough for me.

Zigg’s Thoughts: Even my bitterly cold heart cannot deny this may well be one of the most adorable things ever made. It helps that Hakase basically looks exactly like a giant Nendoroid in the show too.

Timmy’s Thoughts: Well would you look at that. You buy a nice figure of Sakamoto and you get an adorable figure of Hakase for free. I think that’s moe.

Griffon’s Yozora Mikazuki Monster Hunter Ver. (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai)

Hunting for Meat

Jel’s Thoughts: Haganai fans have been clamoring for figures of the girls in their Monster Hunter “armor” since the second episode, so here they are! I know Griffon has been putting out much better quality work the past couple of years but part of me is still a little worried what the finished product is going to look like. I would have felt more comfortable with GSC or Alter handling these, but hey, they are happening.

Zigg’s Thoughts: It’s a very cool looking figure and sure to stand out from the legions of school uniform Haganai figures, as well as recalling a particularly amusing moment in the show. Like Jel I have a few quality control concerns, but Giffon’s Toohoo stuff is apparently top notch, so that’s encouraging.

Timmy’s Thoughts: Damn you Jel, you took my pick. I have been waiting for someone to make these designs into figure form since I first saw them. Whether or not Griffon has a slightly sketchy reputation when it comes to paint with me is irrelevant. I WILL own these. Well, unless Alter or GSC also pick up the design in the near future.

Aqua’s Thoughts: It has begun. My beloved Haganai has turned into a semi-erotic cash-cow franchise. Yay. Anyhow, I’m surprised Yozora got a Monster Hunter armor figure before Meat the Butterfly Swordsman, but who cares? She looks fabulous in her archer outfit, even though it looks nothing like the one in the manga. Now where is my mecha pilot Rika, horse mask swimsuit Yozora and tree costume Kodaka? [Jel: or even Rose Warrior Yozora?]

The Worst

Sentinel’s RIO:Bone Nono (Diebuster)


Jel’s Thoughts: Sentinel seems to take FOREVER with their figures and we’ve been waiting over a year to see any kind of progress on this. Seeing it painted for the first time….. I’m kind of disappointed. I know it’s poseable but it just looks so flat and boring, and if their recent release of Canti is any indication it will probably be super expensive. At least Atomsk Canti still looks incredible.

Zigg’s Thoughts: I hope it’s the photo, but that paintjob already looks faded and dull. And that head is horrible, it looks like she’s trying to eat a sandwich. I’m going to keep hoping Sentinel turn it around though because having a decent poseable Nono would be a dream come true.

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