OP/ED Op-Eds: Bunny Drop [Sweet Drops]

Bunny Drop was a wonderful show, proof that ‘slice-of-life’ doesn’t have to be shorthand for pointless moefest or by the numbers high school drama. Instead, it displayed the greatest strength that the genre can bring to a story – by living with characters day in and day out, the triumphs and tragedies carry that much more weight, become that much more meaningful. Puffy’s beautiful opener ‘Sweet Drops’ encapsulated all of that in a mere 90 seconds.

Whereas my last pick for OP/EDs, ‘Himitsu Kichi’, was based almost entirely on the music, here we’ve a perfect synthesis of audio and visual. The animation is just marvellous, capturing the scratchy, crayon drawn style of a child perfectly, while changing and morphing, almost representing the boundless adventure and imagination of the young. It’s a riot of colour, movement and motion, but it never becomes flashy, instead staying abstract and clean enough to be beautifully simplistic.

The music meanwhile is nothing short of perfect, an upbeat tune that’s almost bursting with joy and excitement. But there’s also slight edge of melancholy as the song warns that ‘There’s no such thing in this world as something never-ending’, and the lyrics are more questioning than you might expect for such a catchy tune. It’s a song which wonders what’s going to happen tomorrow, and accepts that there will be sadness as well as happiness in everyone’s lives (the ‘Sweet Drops’ of the title are actually tears). But it’s also a song that reinforces the fundamental message that Bunny Drop is all about – it’s better when you’re together with someone, and all we need is to be happy. It’s my favourite type of tune – tinged with sadness, but ultimately hopeful for the future. As the lyrics say, ‘I want to keep dreaming forever, ya know?’

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