What We Got and What We Thought: July 2012


Welcome to our first What We Got and What We Thought, our monthly post were we showcase all the cool stuff we got the month prior and what we thought about it. This month Jel gets his Galatic Punt on, Zigg saves a pair of sexy superheros, Life shows off his Otakon loot, and I spread some Saber love.

Dragonzigg and Jel got:

Max Factory’s Chie Satonaka Figma

Zigg’s thoughts: Superb job from Max Factory as always. Their sculpts keep getting better and better and this is about as good a representation of the character as I could have hoped for. Only two things – this continues the unfortunate trend of figmas getting smaller and smaller, and where’s my beef bowl accessory?

Jel’s thoughts: This is all I have to say.

Timmy’s thoughts: I have decided to stay away from the persona merch for now but I am starting to wonder if that is the best decision. Chie looks like a lot of fun to own.

Dragonzigg rescued: 

Kotobukiya’s 1/7th Invisible Woman and Supergirl Bishoujo Statues

Zigg’s thoughts: These were the very definition of impulse buys. I was frequenting my local comic book store when I discovered to my great dismay that they were shutting down the next day. Though comics were their stock in trade, they also did lots of comic book related merchandise, including Kotobukiya’s bishoujo figures. Speaking to the guy behind the counter, I learned that all of the remaining stock was due for the trash at closing time, including their remaining bishoujos of Supergirl and Invisible Woman. So I did what any figure fan would have done – I bought them.

Only problem is…I don’t collect comic book figures, and I’m not in a situation to start now really.  This was purely a mercy buy. Hopefully I’ll be able to find new owners for these and make back the money I spent (Drop me a line if you’re interested!). They deserve a better display spot than a landfill somewhere.

Timmy’s thoughs: Super Girl has a super cat. BEST. FIGURE. EVER!

Jel got:

Toy’s Works’s Nichijou Niitengo Collection

Good material for my blog

Jel’s thoughts: This is only half the set as I gave the other half to a friend. I’ve never heard of the company that produced them so I wasn’t sure about the quality, but they came out pretty nice. They are about the same size as GSC’s nendoroid petits but feel a little flimsier with less poseability. Even still, they are Nichijou figures and I’m happy with them, I can’t wait till the full size Nano and Hakase arrive.

Akira Yasuda’s Akiman Design Works – Bodacious Space Pirates

Yes, there are pictures of Space Kuroneko

Jel’s thoughts: Bodacious Space Pirates wasn’t my favorite anime but I saw this book and had to have it. The anime character designs were apparently done by Capcom illustrator Akira “Akiman” Yasuda AKA the man that designed Chun Li. It’s a pretty short book, but it was relatively inexpensive and has tons of cool character sketches. Definitely worth a look.

Lifesong got:

Max Factory’s 1/8th Muramasa Sansei Maid Version

Life’s thoughts: This figure was love at first sight, but for some reason I didn’t preorder it in time. I thought I had lost out on adding this to my collection as I didn’t want to bother with after market prices. Well when I saw Alter’s Maid Version Laura Bodewig I instantly wanted to put the both of these on display together and started kicking myself myself for missing Muramasa. And so this was the one item I was looking for at Otakon this year and you can tell from her inclusion on this blog I found it!

Timmy’s thoughts: I don’t know why but I feel the urge to do the same thing. Last I checked I didn’t really have a thing for maids but I really want to pick Muramasa and especially Alter’s Laura up. I guess time and what I have for money will tell if I actually do it or not.

Native’s 1/7th Elfried 


Life’s thoughts: Hot! almost too hot for my display, but I couldn’t let this one pass me by. Rei Hiroe’s artwork is captured near perfectly here. This is my first time buying a Native figure and I love it. Elfried is one of the more intricate figures I own. I really am impressed by the quality of the figure and the amount of detail. I did have a little concern that her outfit might be cheaply made but that concern proved pointless. Should Native put more beautiful girls in uniform like this chances are I will be picking them up.

Timmy’s thoughts: The NSFW factor just barely kept me from ordering Elfried. To be honest I am quite regretting it, she really looks great.

Griffon Enterprises’s 1/7th Chuubou Sonken (Renfa)

Life’s thoughts: Another Otakon pickup. This was somewhat of an impulse buy as I had just finished the visual novel before going to Otakon. She is not very photogenic, but she looks pretty good amongst the rest of my collection.

Plum’s 1/7th Alisa Ilinichina Amiella

Life’s thoughts: I’m not sure which I like more, the gun-sword, or the outfit.

Timmy’s thoughts: Haven’t really been paying much attention to Plum and it looks like I need to change that. Alisa looks great and I would love to get her for myself.

Lifesong and Timmy got:

Good Smile Company’s 1/8th Saber and Saber Motored Cuirassier

Life’s thoughts: Good Smile did a great job here. The bike looks amazing and saber looks pretty hot in her suit as well. At first I had a hard time making everything fit perfectly the way it did on the introduction booklet in particular the peg that connects with Sabers leg behind the bike just didn’t want to sit right. I made it work in the end though and am glad I decided to add this one to my collection.

Timmy’s thoughts: Ahhh yeahh. It’s been a long wait for Saber but it was most definitely worth it. The bike, for starters, is really quite amazing. GSC has put tons of fine detail into it from the brake lines to the engine block and it is all wonderful to look at. The front wheel being steerable and the soft form-fitting seat are also great touches.

As for Saber she is looking splendid as well. It is a good thing GSC realized that the paint wouldn’t make her pop and went overboard on the sculpt. Like Life said, I too had minor difficulties mounting her as the peg in her foot doesn’t seem to go all the way in as the illustration shows. Its a small quaim though as she is still stable and it is hardly noticeable.  If the expression on my non otaku buddy’s face who I gave my extra Saber to is any indication, this is one figure that anyone and everyone is bound to appreciate.

Max Factory’s Homura Akemi School Uniform Verson Figma

Life’s thoughts: Gotta catch them all! I really just bought this to complete the set though she is cute. Of course that set keeps on expanding… Who knows when I will actually be done collecting this line.

Timmy’s thoughts: And now I finally have all the released Madoka figmas. School Girl Homura comes with quite a few great accessories but it seems most of them are meant for her magical girl version. This one alone is pretty good, especially if you need some figma weapons, but Max Factory’s intent seems to be for you to have both of them as that is when the real fun begins.

Four Leaf Studios’s “Tomorrow Today” Katawa Shoujo Artbook

Life’s thoughts: Artists from Katawa Shoujo coming together a book full of original stuff can only be a good thing right? It’s seems no one really wanted to draw much of Lilly or Emi but who cares about them. There is one image where Shizune is dressed up in a very Nazi like military outfit. I would have purchased the book just for that image so I can’t complain.

Timmy’s thoughts: Pretty cool stuff. It is really nice to be able to own something connected to the game and I appreciate them doing something like this, not to mention the artwork is great. If I had one complaint it would be the unequal number of pages allotted to each girl. Rin has 6 and Hanako has 5 (She is actually in 9) while Emi and Lilly have only half that. It also seems too short at 30 pages but then again all good things often are.

3 thoughts on “What We Got and What We Thought: July 2012

  1. That Muramasa Maid figure looks incredible! -I wish I could have gotten that one! how much did she cost you?-

    Good for you Rescuing those Comic figures…such a shame to hear of when a comic shop closes down cause seems like they’re a rarity now these days finding comic shops…

    • I got her for $100 plus a little for tax. I was totally cool with paying that price. Cons tend to mark up a bit more than that so I expected anything from $120 – $150. $100 at a con was a great deal as far as I am concerned.

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