All Your Monies: September 17th

Hello, and welcome to All Your Monies, where The Glorio Blog’s resident toy and figure collecting crew will run down the last week’s new preorders, turning a loving or scathing eye over what’s been put out for you to spend your hard earned cash on. This week, DOUBLE TAG TEAMS.

Amane Suzuha (Steins;Gate)
Alter, January 2013, 9380JPY

Dragonzigg: Everybody and their mother seems to be falling over themselves to praise this but I’m going to have to say I honestly don’t think this one is too great. It’s not the quality, which is up to Alter’s usual exemplary standards, but the sculpt. Those incredibly spindly limbs are a little freaky, and that back reminds me of 90’s comic book artists who couldn’t draw a woman with an unbroken spine. Prominently placed butt is hardly endearing to me either. The bike is fan-frickin’-tastic however. Can I just get that?

Jel: I think everyone will agree this is a great looking figure but it’s also pretty expensive. The cost is justified when you look at how incredibly detailed the bicycle is, and Suzuha doesn’t look too bad herself. If I had to make one criticism I’d say her oddly colored eyes kind of get lost on her pale face, but that is how huke draws them so what can you do? I’d love to get her to go with my GSC Kurisu but I’m afraid it’s just too much for my budget.

Aqua: Steins;Gate’s walking spoiler arrives on a vehicle devoid of all spoilers- Wait, a second, haven’t we seen this one before? Do you think my opinion on this thing has somehow changed? Do you think I can be bothered to write something completely different? Oh, you! I don’t get paid to write about the same things twice. What do you think I am, a political analyst? Wait, I don’t get paid at all…

Timmy: Pretty but pricey. Suzuha and espically that bike have amazing detail to justify it though. I would love to grab this for that bike alone but I am not sure I can fit it in the budget. Looks very lovely though.

G.E.M. Rin Okamura (Blue Exorcist)
Megahouse, December, 5910JPY

Dragonzigg: I notoriously hate Blue Exorcist but I have to say I really like this figure. His jacket and tie look great and all those blue flame effect parts really help it stand out from the crowd. As is usual with the G.E.M. range you also get alternate arms for a different pose, and in this case a mini figure of Kuro, the cat thing who was by far the best character in that show. 

Jel: No amount of tacked on blue fire can save that pose. Putting the source material aside, this would have looked great with a more dynamic pose but instead it looks like you bought an action figure and forget to do anything with it once you took it out of the box.

Aqua:  D’aww. Now who’s the adorable little generic shonen protagonist? Seriously, giving Stock Male Protagonist #57 blue flame horns and pointy ears isn’t going to make him endearing. Sure, the figure looks nice, but who even cares about this guy? Why did they have to give him the most generic pose ever, too? I mean, were they even trying? Then again, I do suppose you can try too much… *ahem*

Timmy: While I think he does look pretty good I have to agree with Jel on this one. That pose is a bit on the boring side and could use some improvement. Blue flames are always pretty cool though especially when they are done right.

Kirino Kousaka (Oreimo)
Kotobukiya, January 2013, 5420JPY

Dragonzigg: Torn on this one. I really like the pose, which is full of dynamism and energy, and suits Kirino’s hyperactive character. But come on guys, it’s pretty lewd to begin with and that swimsuit is barely there. Just looking at it makes me uncomfortable, even more so than a normal swimsuit figure because of the creepy undressing angle. Great craft wasted on bad subject matter.

Jel: I could see the pose bothering some people but I actually like it. I think it’s kind of an interesting take on the swimsuit figure, letting us know she is REALLY enthusiastic about hitting the beach or the pool or whatever. What bothers me is the swimsuit itself. That top just looks like a ribbon demanding to be untied and in case we forgot SHE’S FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, EVERYONE CALM DOWN!

Timmy: Kotobukiya have knocked the ball out of the park with this Kirino. With a great actiony pose that very much matches her personality I find myself hating the fact that I actually like this. I really wish she was wearing something more substantial then a ribbon for a top though. This is probably the best bikini figure of Kirino we will ever see so hopefully everyone stops making them so we never see another one again.

Aqua: Nope. Just… 

Illya Yukata ver. (Fate/Stay Night)
FREEing, January 2013, 5850JPY

Dragonzigg: That colour is absolutely gorgeous. The pink, the purple and the pale hair mesh together beautifully and the pose is a lot more dynamic than the so-so Saber we featured a while back. I’ve been told the Beserker mask is a clever in-joke but it just sort of ruins the happy look of the figure to me. The figure itself isn’t the most amazing thing in the world, but I can’t help but like that yukata.

Jel: I guess she looks better than the Saber we saw not too long ago, but that’s not saying much. Berserker mask is a nice touch I guess but shouldn’t there be some kind of string or something on it? It just looks weird glued to her head like that.


Timmy: Eh, I guess she looks nice. That yukata looks pretty enough and the berserker mask is a nice touch. I was never very excited for these and Illya isn’t going to change that anytime soon.

Beach Queens Toshino Kyouko/Beach Queens Yui Funami (YuruYuri)
Wave, February 2013, 3800JPY each

Dragonzigg: These two are actually some of the best Beach Queens we’ve seen in a while, Kyouko especially with that cheeky grin and wry pose. Yui is less immediately striking but still a nice bit of sculpting. As ever with Beach Queens though, I think they’re too expensive and there’s no way to own these without looking like a creeper. Or being one really.

Jel: On sheer technical quality, I will be impressed if that’s what the final figures actually look like. Beach Queens quality usually lives up to their low price tag but these shots look pretty good. And yet for the second time this post I’m forced to remember THEY ARE FOURTEEN YEARS OLD, EVERYONE CALM DOWN!

Aqua: Okay, first things first. For starters, these look amazing for Beach Queens. The sculpts are well detailed, the shading on the skin is top-tier and the facial expressions look vivid and full of joy. I especially like Yui, who manages to stand out by being remarkably plain and level-headed in a show full of loud lesbians with crazy shades of hair. The poses encapsulate their personalities well, and as all the other Beach Queens before them, they are rather affordably priced. On the other hand, these are figures of two fourteen-year-olds in skimpy bathing suits.

Timmy: Beach Queens can be hit or miss but both of these are definite hits. Great poses and expressions on both of them match the characters and look great. Favorite is defiantly Kyouko though. Can’t help but love a mischievous pose with a cheesy grin.

Figma Fate Testarossa Lightning Form/Sonic Form (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha THE MOVIE 2nd A’s)
Max Factory, January 2013, 2620JPY each

Dragonzigg: Hoo boy, Max Factory are really going to milk this one into the ground aren’t they? While I think the new  red stripes really look smart on Fate, the Lightning Form is just too similar to what we’ve seen before to really stand out, though they have improved the faces over the original version. Sonic Form on the other hand is considerably more distinctive, and that badass new scythe form for Bardiche is really nice looking. I put in an order for Sonic but I’m probably going to pass on Lightning.

Jel: Can I steal Aqua’s NOPE gif?

Aqua: Blah blah blah Nanoha blah blah jolts blah suffering blah blah bike shorts blah blah blah nine years old blah Arf blah blah.

Timmy: Ugh, I really, really regret picking up that Fate figma from the first movie now. Both of these look great and unlike Nanoha, look noticeably different from the previous one. Especially with the lovely tron lines as well as the much better faces. Going to look at getting her sonic form but I may cave and just get both.

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